Computer viruses seem to be more and more common in our society today. The rise of online shopping and exchanges of money over the internet allows our society to be susceptible to these attacks. When computer viruses are so common it makes people question if they should shop online or not. When people hesitation buying items this impacts our economy greatly. If sales go down companies many struggle to make enough money to stay open and be profitable. The Internet has become a major market for many of today’s businesses. If they lose that ability to market they have to spend more money to advertise other ways. Recently I have had an experience with a virus. Last week I searched for my communities local humane society’s website so I could figure out the steps I needed to complete to volunteer. When I clicked on their website other ads popped up and froze my computer. Their website had been hacked and had put a virus on my laptop. Without being able to get the volunteer sheet I was unable to spend my time helping. That virus impacted the humane society and the animals in my community. Without my volunteer time that potentially had to pay someone else to help and that directly impacts the local economy. This is a simple example of how viruses could impact our economy but it is not the only way it happens. As a whole we need to band together and protect the Internet from unwanted attacks that can effect us all