Essential Apps for Windows in 2018

August 28, 2018 | Windows Computer

Now that 2018 is more than half way over, we want to make sure you are aware of all the applications you should have on your Windows PC. There are thousands of features that are available to the public to create your perfect computer, but that is a daunting list to go through.

Fortunately, My Computer Works has put together a list of the essential apps you need on your Windows computer.


Should you have the world’s fastest disk space analyzer for free? Absolutely! It is important to know what is taking up space on your computer. This application quickly scans all the files and folders on your computer’s hard drive to show what is taking up the most space. WizTree will make it easy to locate and remove those “space hogs”.

The PC Decrapifier

Just as the name of this applications suggests, it’ll help you get rid of the crap on your PC. When you purchase a new computer, it is usually loaded with a lot of things you don’t need or will never use. Not only will The PC Decrapifier show you all the programs on your computer, it will create suggestions (based on other users’ experience), for what to keep or remove. The goal is make your PC run smooth by only installing programs YOU will use.


This is a very popular app for smartphones, but is also something worth installing on your PC. It is available as a Windows Store app. This feature is necessary if you are a person who loves music or just likes a little background noise while you work. Some would say this application is much easier to navigate than other music streaming platforms and it has its own icon so you wont have to search through your computer to find it.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Everyone should have a photo editing software on their computer, especially if it is free. Most think that free means, “not as good“; but in this case that is untrue. Adobe Photoshop Express is an essential application for Windows in today’s day and age. For fast and easy photo editing, you’ll want this on your PC.


Why not have all your messaging platforms in one place? This application allows you to reach people on several different messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger, Slack, WeChat, Telegram, Skype, and more. Access all these on Franz without even getting on your web browser.


This task manager is the perfect application to not only have on your Windows PC, but any electronic device. Todoist works on literally every platform; which is great for the busy person. Add an item to your list via smartphone, and you’ll see it on your computer as well. You can pull up any task you need to work on via Chrome or Firefox, macOS, iOS, Android, and both watchOS and Android Wear. Did we mention Gmail and Outlook, too.

Sumatra PDF

PDF readers can be frustrating, and when you have to open several at once, it’s worse. This application does not allow you to edit the documents, but it stores all PDFs in one (not bloated) space. Now, your browser won’t be packed with PDF documents you haven’t had a chance to read yet (essentially slowing down your computer). Using Sumatra PDF is easy to navigate and stores your PDFs on clean interface.

Need more help?

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