Father’s Day 2018 Gift Guide

June 11, 2018 | Other

Are you wondering what to get your dad this Father’s Day? Maybe he doesn’t want another wallet or pocket knife, and that’s fine! Now-a-days, there are so many options for gift giving. Use this Father’s Day gift guide to get your dad something he wants, like a new techie gadget.

Kindle Paperwhite E-reader

If your dad is a reader, this is the perfect gift for him. He cab stop caring heavy paperback books around because this kindle allows its user to shop millions of books, with many free options as well. The screen has no glare, unlike a tablet, and can be used in the direct sunlight. The back-light can be adjusted and the battery lasts several weeks rather than hours. On Amazon, the Kindle Paperwhite E-reader is being sold at $119.99!

Cell Phone Camera Lens Kit

For the dad that loves photography, this will not go unused. This kit is universal, meaning it can fit on any cell phone; iPhone or Android. This gadget can range in price, but you’ll still be able to find a quality product at a low price. This particular product is by Amir and it comes with 3 different lens types. Fish eye lens, Macro lens, and the Super Wide Angle lens are all available. The detachable clip allows the user to switch up their lenses and the device they are using to take photos. Find the Amir Lens kit on Amazon for only $13.

Screen Protector

This is not your average screen protector, this piece of film blacks out short-wave blue light. What does that mean? Well, it it said that staring at a phone or computer for hours on end is harmful to the eyes and even to the brain. Because short-wave blue light creates grogginess, this film  blocks it out; while the long-wave blue light still comes through because that light can boost your mood and bring calmness. Not only is it good for your sight and mind, it also protects your phone from dings.

If you have a dad that is on his computer more than hos phone, check out the blue light computer cover here!

Bluetooth Padlock

This is not just any padlock, it doesn’t require a physical key. We all know someone who is prone to losing things; give them one less thing to lose. This eGee Touch smart padlock locks and unlocks through an app on a smart phone! This doesn’t even require a code to remember. There are many on the market just like this one, but the eGee Padlock can be found on Amazon!

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Headlight Baseball Cap

Is your dad a handy man? This item on our Father’s Days Gift Guide seems to be very popular in 2018. These can be found in just about any color and size! This is a hat with a built in light for the moments you need to have the hands free. This product ranges in cost from $8-$25 on Amazon.

Black Cap: here

Camouflage Cap: here

Orange Cap: here

Tablet Stand

Want to make it easier for your dad to relax on his special day? Just as it is pictured above, this gadget props up tablet, and allows the user to remain comfortably hands free, in their bed! This stand is able to hold many different tablet sizes and brands, so there is no worry that it won’t be compatible. Check it out here!

Bag Re-sealer

This is a portable bag re-sealer and creates an airtight and water-resistant seal. This little tool is rechargeable giving it a longer life cycle. Is your dad serious about keeping perishable foods in their best condition? If so, stop wasting your money on zip-ties and plastic bags. For only $15.95 on Amazon, you can stop messing with plastic wrap! You can get the Air Lock Bag Sealer here!

Wearable Sleep Aid and Tracker

If you know someone who tosses and turns throughout the night, has trouble falling asleep, or is just curious about their sleep patterns; this item is for them. If the body and brain start ramping up at a time they shouldn’t be (while sleeping), the Sleep Shepherd Wearable Sleep Aid and Tracker will respond. It will play tones that keep your brainwaves in a relaxed state and its desired frequency. On the Sleep Shepherd website, the headset goes for $199.99.


This is a fun little toy that is guaranteed to be a unique Father’s Day gift. This is a robot that follows color command and can be taught to spin, speed up, dance, and more. Essentially, the Ozobot will follow any of the instructions you create. Giving this gift will also benefit the entire family. Children will learn basic coding skills and logic as they figure out how to decipher its movements. The starter kit can be found here for $99!

Kinetic Energy power Bank

Is your dad active? This gadget could put all his movement to good use. Ampy has created a external charger that gains a charge by motion. The start around $120 for the power bank and accessories on Amazon.

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