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How To Clear Autofill

How To Clear Autofill On All Browsers! The first question you might be having is what is Autofill? Autofill is a function in some computer applications or programs, typically those containing forms, which fills in a field automatically. Most of the time, such as in...

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How To Block Pop Ups on Chrome

Are you getting pop-ups every time you open a window? Pop-ups can make browsing a chore, especially when they don’t want to close.You can fight back against pop-ups by making sure you have your browser configured correctly, having the latest version, or even changing...

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Open and Create ZIP Files

What Are ZIP Files? They're basically a file containing one or more other files compressed inside of it. Why Are ZIP Files Important? Zip files can be used for a lot different things.  File compression, encryption, split archives, and more are all just a few clicks...

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Customize Who Sees Your Facebook Posts

Did you know that when you post anything on Facebook, you can pick and choose who gets to see it? Well you do! Same rule also applies to those who post things with your name attached to it...also known as "tagging" you. To control what can be added to your Facebook...

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Control Your Facebook Timeline

Control What Other People Post on Your Facebook Timeline: Sometimes people may include you in a post that you don't want to be apart of for whatever reason. Maybe it's a picture of you at happy hour when you called in sick to work, and your boss is your Facebook...

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The Blue Screen of Death

The blue screen of death — or BSOD — is always an unwelcome sight. BSODs appear when Microsoft Windows encounters a critical error that it can’t recover from. This then requires a reboot that'll possibly result in lost work. What the BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH may look...

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Make Your Computer Faster

There's nothing more frustrating than a sluggish computer, but rather than buying a new laptop or PC, here are 5 ways of avoiding a costly new purchase by making your slow computer run faster.  Step 1: Reboot Slow Computer After restarting/rebooting the computer,...

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Computer Keyboard Shortcuts

Here a just some of the many Keyboard Shortcuts that make working on a computer more efficient and faster! Keyboard shortcuts can boost your productivity if your daily job relies heavily on using Windows. Give them a try and you just might find yourself getting...

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How To: Choose a Email Provider (Outlook vs. Gmail)

Why Get an Email? You need an email address to do just about anything on the Web, from sending messages to banking online to creating a Facebook account. In the early days of the Internet, the easiest way to get a personal email address was through your Internet...

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