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Virus Protection

Virus Protection and things you should know

My Experience with a “Microsoft” Scammer

Minding my own business and relaxing after a hard day at work and my phone rings.  A scammer called me and from a local number (spoofed if you are wondering 602-795-2230). With a huge smile on my face I decided to play along and scrambled to open my Windows 10 Virtual...

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Still using Windows XP? Don’t it puts you at risk.

Are you really still using windows XP? Don't, you shouldn’t be, it’s bad for you.  The outdated Operating System might be putting your data at risk.  Windows XP left wide open for potential Malware attacks: Computers running Windows XP have been truly unprotected for...

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FBI Virus on your mobile phone?

FBI Virus? What Is It? First let me say this. The FBI will never ask for money to unlock your computer and its files, Ever. If the FBI truly is “on to you” your computer would be seized and you would be charged with a crime. Its that simple. That being said what do...

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Mobile Malware

Mobile Malware There has been a rise in mobile malware recently, especially in the Android community. Here are some tips and recommendations for protecting yourself from becoming a victim of malware on your mobile device. Anti-Malware Apps Anti-malware applications...

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Social Media Dangers with Posting Child Photos

What Makes Social Media Dangerous for Kids? Social media is great for connecting with friends, relatives, old boyfriends/girlfriends you’d like to make jealous, and just general networking. Parents also tend to post a lot of pictures of their children on social...

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How to Remove a Virus

Virus Removal for everyday computer users. These steps show you how to clean a computer that you think is infected with a virus or malware. What’s most important is, if anything looks suspicious, do not click on it. We will tell you how to close these windows in step...

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Stop Email Hacks From Happening to YOU

Email is a world wide form of communication, so happens if this source of communication was hacked? This article is going to break down what hacking an email involves, debunk many of the myths that surround the hacking community, and how to prevent and stop email...

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Virus Protection Scholarship by My Computer Works

My Computer Works  $1,000 Scholarship Summary: We at My Computer Works want to help support the next generation of students who will have to deal with computer viruses and protecting others from them. Viruses that cause slow down your computer all the way to requiring...

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Fake news!  He is alive and coping with a troubling personal issue. That's not what this is about. This is going to sound like an editorial, with some fact bombs. This is the problem with social media.  Its entirely too easy to spread false gossip as legit news.  We...

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I just bought a computer, now what?

Just out of the box and plugged in and you start to think to yourself, "I just bought a computer, now what?"  Well before you start surfing the intertubes there are a few things you need to do to make sure you are safe and securely using your new toy. Find or make...

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