Windows10: To Update or Not to Update?

March 7, 2016 | Windows Computer

Have you recently installed the latest Windows10 update and are wondering where your favorite app has gone? Question no more! Microsoft’s latest Windows10 update decides whether or not the applications you’ve installed are necessary to your everyday computing. In a recent Article, users were shocked to learn Windows will determine what’s relevant on your computer. The apps they find “outdated” or “incompatible” will be removed from your system.

While some might not notice a difference, some are finding their essential business tools/programs no longer available without any prior notification. Do you find this as intrusive as we do? One of our own technicians experienced the woes of the new Windows10 update after attempting to use Dashlane (a secure autofill program for usernames and passwords):

Sean Pic

Image Error Message: Your system administrator has blocked this program. For more information, contact your system administrator.


So Microsoft, you’re the new System Administrator for all Windows10 computers? Interesting. Our professional online technicians have found the only fix for this update is to access your registry – we highly recommend you don’t do this without help – and edit the new update. While this seems easy enough, editing the registry can be dangerous and it done wrong can severely affect you computer process. To guide you through this our online tech support at My Computer Works is ready to help.

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