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April 3, 2018 | Blog

There are now so many ways to beef up privacy settings on Facebook. For some, it is really important to make sure their personal data and information is not misused by the Facebook platform. Whether this be to categorize your preferences to advertise specific products, or collect enough information to label your political views; Facebook knows this information is valuable.

Do you want to mute your personal settings to preserve your privacy? Below you will find directions on how to lock down ad privacy on Facebook.

Find Your Ad Preferences

Go to in your browser (log into your Facebook account if needed). Here you will be able to find all of the personal information collected on you since the day you signed up with Facebook,

Under each tab, you will have examples of what advertisements you may see and why. Sometimes these examples will be because you ‘liked’ a page or person, and other preferences are added because you ‘clicked on an ad relating’ to said example.

To get rid of these preferences Facebook has set for you, simply hover over the picture and click the X in the corner.

Edit What You See and Your Friends See

Click the ‘Ad Settings’ tab. If you no longer want to see advertisements for the websites you frequent outside this social media platform, you can turn it off.

If you have changed your Facebook ad preferences (above) to your liking, you may not want to turn off the feature that allows the ads you view on Facebook to pop up on other digital devices. However, this may still feel like an intrusion on your privacy and can be turned off.

Maybe you don’t want your friends to see your political stance. Maybe you just want to keep what your interacting with on Facebook private. Well, you can hide these details from everyone on your friends list if you wish.

Under ‘Ad Settings’, you’ll find the tab ‘Ads with your social actions’. Click on the right side of that tab and edit who sees things like your likes, follows, comments, shares, app usage, check-ins, recommendations, and events you joined.

Remove Information About You

Go to ‘Your Information’, then select ‘Your categories’. Be ready to be overwhelmed and a little creeped out.

The details found here and personal and intimate. Because Facebook can track you on every digital devices you use (while signed into your account), the data collected can be very detailed.

What is Facebook Pixel?

Wonder how you can visit a retail website on your phone, then all of the sudden an advertisement appears on your Facebook platform on your computer? Well, Facebook Pixel has made that possible. It is a piece of website coding that advertisers install to optimize and build audiences for ad campaigns.

If the retail store you are visiting has Facebook Pixel installed, you will most definitely see an advertisement for that retailer on your Facebook platform.

All in all, you can remove the ads you don’t agree with on your page, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that Facebook will stop collecting data on you. When using the web, use caution because you are always under surveillance.

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