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Technology isn’t always easy to understand or navigate. But, without proper support, residents in senior living communities may miss valuable opportunities for community engagement, family connection and needed security. As experts in the field, My Computer Works is offering residents of senior living communities tech support in a way that isn’t available anywhere else.

Our Experience Gives Your Senior Living Community An Edge

The trained technicians at My Computer Works offer a critical combination of expertise and patience for residents of senior living communities who are experiencing issues with their technology. Our experience in the industry, earned since we opened our doors in 2005, covers all manner of IT challenges, but the most common we see among residents in senior living communities include:  


iPhones | Computers & Tablets | Security Cameras | Streaming Devices | Email 


With the guidance of U.S.-based technicians, residents in senior living communities are able to troubleshoot common IT challenges, ask questions about online safety and receive training on a number of topics, from streaming device set-up to community application use to personal security in an online environment.


By partnering with our tech support specialists, senior living community team members are able to focus on their priorities instead of offering residents support with tech issues. And, residents have peace of mind knowing they have access to experts in the field who will treat their IT challenges as their priority — no matter how long it takes to fix.


IT Support That Benefits Senior Living Communities And Their Residents

Senior Living Communities

  • High quality, fast and expert service differentiates the community from competitors
  • Improves resident adoption of community technology and applications
  • Reduces frustration from families concerned about isolation  
  • Saves costs compared to full-time tech support employee
  • Reduces burden on staff members
  • Minimizes risk from unqualified team members working on resident technology
  • Increases revenue from on-site services


  • Improves tech safety and security
  • Facilitates connections with family, friends and community
  • Allows residents to learn or expand knowledge in areas of technology and the online environment
  • Keeps residents engaged in and informed about current events
  • Increases enjoyment in online entertainment
  • Reduces fear of technology while maintaining independence
  • Improves mental health and keeps residents active

See What Others Think

""Sean was very knowledgeable and very compassionate since he was working with an 80-year-old that is technologically unsound.”"

""’VERY PATIENT with senior citizens.""

""I am technology challenged and he walked me through every step with patience.""

""The help I received was very professional and friendly. At 90 years of age I'm not extremely computer literate :) Everything is working well again" "

""The tech did an excellent job and was kind enough to give instructions on improving my knowledge of my new computer. His patience helping a non-professional was appreciated." "

""The best thing I did in 2022 was find My Computer Works.""

""Your people are always helpful and answer my questions in ways I can understand. I’m 72 and technically challenged. My husband was my IT person but due to his dementia he no longer knows much about anything. Trying to keep us going by myself, so your people are very important to me. Thanks for being there!""

At My Computer Works, we’re here to meet the technology needs of your senior living community residents with kindness, patience and expertise.