How To: Create a Strong Wi-Fi Password

July 28, 2017 | Blog



In today’s society technology has become a key part of day to day life. We need technology to talk to loved ones around the world, help diagnose and treat various medical conditions, keep track of finances, and many other uses.

With all of this personal information being shared through technology, it can become nerve-racking. How do you keep intruders from getting to this information? A password. A strong password.

Most of today’s society evolves around Wi-Fi (a wireless frequency that is used to provide the transfer of data or network connections). The use of Wi-Fi is great because you don’t have to be “hard lined” to a modem or router. Meaning, it allows you to use your internet connection wherever you may be in your household, work, or even at Starbucks.

However, most Wi-Fi needs a password to access the wireless frequency. We’ve asked our professional tech support team for tips on how to create a Wi-Fi password that will help keep unwanted people off of your network.


**A rule of thumb when creating a password, whether it is Wi-Fi or even your personal technological device, is to use a mix of numbers, letters, and if possible, some symbol characters. You should never use your name, family member names, date of birth or a street address as a part of your password. These are usually the first words the hacker will use to try and crack your password. **


  • Let’s start with a basic password:
  • To boost this password, add letters and then capitalize some of those letters:
  • You can further boost the password by adding special characters in place of letters:
  • To finally increase the security even more, randomly place those numbers throughout the password:


The difference between the basic password and the final password is that the basic password has 39,304 possibilities whereas the final password has 81,138,303,245,565,435,904 possibilities. My Computer Works research shows that the higher the possibilities for word variations, the harder it is going to be for a hacker to crack your password.

If you have more questions or are worried your password may not be up to par, give us a call at (800)-935-6704.

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