What Is RansomWare?

January 1, 2018 | Blog

Multiple viruses can be encrypted onto your computer, but there is a certain type that holds all of your computer files for ransom. So the biggest question is, what is Ransomware?

Ransomware is malicious software that cyber criminals use to hold your computer or computer files for ransom, demanding payment from you to get them back. Sadly, ransomware is becoming an increasingly popular way for malware authors to extort money from companies and consumers alike.

How to tell if you are a victim of Ransomware:

First, your computer screen will not let you do anything on your computer unless you either call a number or pay directly with your credit card.

DO NOT call the number when that number is given with the irremovable pop-up. The people that answer the phone are there to scam you and collect your credit card information.

Please get protection now if you have been scammed and have already paid the ransom. These scammers can still get onto your computer and also still have access to your credit card information.

Contact your bank immediately if you have already given that information to these scammers!

Here are a few examples of what RansomWare looks like:

what is ransomeware

How To Prevent Ransomware From Happening to You!

The single biggest thing that will defeat ransomware is having a regularly updated backup. If you are attacked with ransomware you may lose that document you started earlier this morning, but if you can restore your system to an earlier snapshot or clean up your machine and restore your other lost documents from backup, you can rest easy.

Lastly, call a reliable tech support company if you have any more questions about this issue. If unsure, please give My Computer Works a call at (800) 935-6704.

My Computer Works offers “Data Backup” which automatically backs up all of your files on your computer every night. Data Backup with My Computer Works provides customers with the best way to prevent ransomware from happening!

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