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May 16, 2018 | Other

It is that time of the year again. Students are either being released on their summer vacations or they are graduating. If you are looking to shop for your techie graduate, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, you will find the best techie grad gifts to give your 2018 grad!

All the items here range in price. As we know, technology is always advancing and so is its prices. Although, there are usually cheaper and more affordable option to every tech gadget out there.


Getting headphones for a graduation gift is always a great option. Will they be heading to college and use them during all the hours they’ll spend in the library or, will they be graduating college and considering loosing that college weight at the gym (where headphones are always needed). Either way, you can never go wrong giving this gift.

Beats Studio3 Wireless

These are definitely on the pricier end of the scale when it comes to headphones. However, there is a reason fro that. They are noise cancelling, and wireless with the option to add an auxiliary cord. On the Apple website, they are priced at $279.95 which is discounted from $348.95!

iFrogz Impulse Duo

These headphones are Bluetooth. They also have a small control that is attached to the wires connecting each ear bud together. This control box also has a clip that can attach to a shirt so the headphones feel more secure. These earbuds are priced at $44.94 on Amazon, making them a great techie grad gift for a better price!


Who doesn’t want a speaker to blast their music on, or even add volume to a television? Any graduate who enjoys tech, will love this!

Harman Kardon Onyx Studio

This speaker can be found on Amazon for $189.79. This speaker has a built in battery that can be recharged and has a 5 hour play time. With dual base, the volume can go very high. Because of its bigger size, this speaker is not easily portable.


Are you looking for a more portable and affordable speaker to get for your graduate? Well, this is it. However, electronics on the lower end of the price scale never seem to last. On Amazon, the Tribit sells for $35.99. There is also a blue option that will only cost you $4 more! This smaller device can hold a charge for 24 hours or play up to 500 songs. This small Bluetooth speaker is an awesome techie grad gift.


You can never go wrong buying a computer for a techie like graduate. If you’re willing to spend a good amount for a gift, a computer/laptop is the way to go. Whether this grad is headed to college or to their first career, a computer will not only be much appreciated but also, much needed.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

This tablet can be transformed into a functional laptop just by adding a few accessories. Buying a keyboard, and even a mouse will make this small tablet feel like an office computer. The main reason most go this route when purchasing a “computer” is because of the low price. On Amazon, without the added accessories, this device goes for $524.44. If you’re looking for something that can be used as a notebook or laptop, this would be the device to get.

MacBook Air

The MacBook Air is a gift that will not go unnoticed. The price a steep, but this laptop may be well worth it. This device is extremely fast and has a 256GB SSD storage. The backlit keyboard allows you to have perfect visibility no matter how dark an area the user is in. The online Apple store sells the Macbook Air at $1,199 with cheaper options for a smaller storage capacity.

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Now-a-days it is very rare to see cell phone users with anything but a smart phone. Because they are everywhere, there are so many types, brands, and styles for purchase.

iPhone X

This is undeniably an expensive phone. However, it has all the gadgets millennials go crazy for! If your grad is already using a Mac/Apple product this is the perfect gift. The iPhone X will seamlessly sync up to he other Mac products (i.e. MacBook, iPad, Apple Watch). This phone’s surface is entirely covered by its screen and includes face recognition to unlock it! With may other features, you can find this phone here for a grand total of $999.

Samsung Galaxy S9+

For the Android lovers out there, this one is for them. This smartphone also has edge-to-edge display with a dual pixel camera on the front and back. Depending on the service plan this can range in price. On Amazon the Samsung Galaxy S9+ will cost you $838.86. We can promise the giftee will be extremely happy!

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