Four Questions To Ask A Computer Screen Repair Service

December 10, 2023 | Blog

As busy professionals, we take our laptops everywhere. It’s pretty much what they were made for, portability with ease. But, every so often, laptops take an unintended tumble. And when they do, screens crack or shatter.


Industry estimates reveal that about 1 in 5 Americans experience a cracked or shattered computer screen that will need replacement. And when a replacement is in order, there are so many choices.


One online search for screen repair will return a seemingly endless cue of options, which could become overwhelming for anyone hoping to find a trusted screen repair service nearby. With that many options, the question shifts from how to find a repair service to how to research a company to know they’re going to do good work. 


Here are four questions to ask any screen repair company before handing a computer over to have work done.


Are they licensed? Screen repair, thanks to the fragility of phones and laptops, is a common service offered in mall kiosks and street-corner shops. It’s important to understand if a repair service is licensed and insured, before allowing them to handle any screen repair work, to make sure the people doing the work are credible and professional tradespeople. 


How are their reviews? Google, Yelp and other online portals offer space for clients to post reviews, which can be incredibly helpful for anyone seeking a service without their own personal referral. If reviews for a screen repair company are limited, ask them if they have testimonials or reviews available. 


What fees are involved? Screen repair services may have different rates. Some may offer a flat fee while others may charge by the hour. If a company charges by the hour for a screen repair, see if they will provide an estimate for the work, to minimize surprise fees at the end. Not only will the estimate be helpful from a financial perspective, but it will also offer an estimate on how long the work might take — and how long the computer might be out of commission. 


Is there a service guarantee? When a computer screen repair company guarantees its work, or offers a warranty on the work, it offers peace of mind to the person using the service. And, it shows that a company stands by its work. Afterall, a computer screen that breaks is still connected to the computer’s valuable files and data, that likely have to be used or accessed. 


For the most part, the risks associated with working with a computer screen repair company that has bad reviews, has exorbitant fees and doesn’t offer a guarantee on its work are pretty obvious. Most people would steer clear.


But when it comes to licensing, it’s easier to consider working with someone who is “just getting started” or keeping costs low by keeping overhead low. However, computers contain an incredible amount of sensitive information, from passwords to account numbers to personal data.


From a licensing standpoint, the risks of working with a computer screen repair company that isn’t licensed include exposure of sensitive data — both professional and personal. And in an era of frequent data breaches, it’s clear that data has a real value for those with bad intentions. 


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