A Tech Scam That’s Almost Unbelievable

September 4, 2018 | Blog
As we all know, scammers have only become more creative when it comes to stealing their victim’s information. Below you will find a real story sent to us from a client who reached out to My Computer Works after he was taken advantage of by a fake tech support company. This tech scam is almost unbelievable!
“I received a call on my cellphone today from the fraudsters who had operated my computer once before from their command. They claimed today that someone was trying to change my email password repeatedly. These are the same individuals who actually sold me a bogus cloud safety a year ago…”

These people claimed to be working for a company called MicroTech Support and IT Solutions.

From this company, he bought “…a lifetime network firewall protection, antivirus support and technical support for all devices…paid $1001.86 on a Visa credit card. [He] called for help a couple of times but noticed they would just use already available apps like AdBlocker to stop adware and such.”

This company could never be contacted by phone unless they were the ones to initiate the phone call.

He continued, “…I received a call earlier this Spring saying their server had crashed and I was due a full refund. I tried to get it sent in a paper check form but they said their accounting department must access my bank account and deposit it themselves.”

Now the scammers have access to his back account numbers!

MicroTech Support and IT Solutions said “…they over loaded my account by $2100.00 and then demanded I pay it back ASAP by iTunes gift card or Walmart gift card. I got all the way to Walmart customer service and was told by Walmart I was probably going to lose my money and it was a scam. I purchased four $500 gift cards earlier and when I returned home to view my bank account I found they drained my savings account and there was nothing at all they had deposited.”

He realized this was fraud and deception.

“I contacted the WA Island County Sheriff and was told to have my computer wiped and change bank account numbers. That’s how I found My Computer Works.”
“I want you to hear my story as these same fraudsters think they can contact you any time for their lies of deception. I ‘m a grown man and I feel violated…thank you for the help I received initially and safety I find with your services always.”


  • Microsoft will NEVER reach out to you via phone or email asking for financial or personal information.
  • Do not assume the pop-up belongs to Microsoft. Their actual pop ups will never include a phone number.
  • Microsoft will never contact you with unsolicited tech support. Any contact between you and Microsoft will ONLY happen if it is initiated by you.

We can help!

My Computer Works can help protect your personal data as well as, show you ways to avoid becoming a scammers next victim.

Call us today at 877-629-6972 and check out our A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau!

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