Avengers Isn’t Worth It – A Virus Story

Everything we do in today’s world revolves around computers. I work for Tesla Motors and two days ago our internet ceased to function. How did we keep running you ask? We didn’t. We had to reroute our incoming calls to headquarters, check and respond to email on our phones, and send urgent customers to other locations. The largest problem by far was the cars. If you do not know anything about Tesla, know this, we are not just a car company but a tech company as well. When we lose internet, not only are we unable to make calls and answer emails, but we can no longer fix cars. The Model S and X are heavily based on firmware that needs an internet connection to update. Without that, the car will not perform optimally. Everything I just described could be caused by a virus. The right virus of course.

On a more relatable level, when you download that awesome new Avengers movie from Pirate Bay you are opening yourself up to a more simplified virus. Many viruses are created to make money. How? Simple, you click a link and instead of just downloading that movie you want it also downloads a key logger. Key loggers are a pretty self-explanatory software, they log your key entries and send them to the creator of the virus. How many sites have you logged into in the last week? How many passwords have you typed? Were any of them you online bank account? Well shucks, now the creator has your banking information and has transferred $30,000.00 to an overseas account and stolen your identity. What are you to do?

Your next step would be to call the bank. Not only are you spending your time, which we know is money, but the bank has a salaried staff member that gets paid to assist people with these problems. After the bank, maybe you want to file a police report. There goes more of your time and now you have the police department spending man hours on filing that report and tracking down your thief. This is just the start of the solution because you will need to involve credit agencies, likely you’ll want to have new debt and credit cards issued to you, and you’ll want to change all your passwords. Of course this sounds like a hassle but how much money is it really costing you? The Federal Trade Commission estimates it takes, “an average of six months and 200 hours of work to recover”. If you are only making minimum wage ($10.50/hr). You’ve spent $2,100.00 and 6 months trying to fix your economic life all because you just could wait for Avengers to come out on DVD.