Best Road Trip Apps for Android and Apple Users

June 13, 2018 | Blog

It is finally the summer time, which hopefully means a lot of travel, road trips, and vacations. If you are in the throws of planning your get away, check out this article. My Computer Works has created a list of the best road trip apps you’ll want on your smartphone this 2018!

Waze Navigation & Live Traffic

This is not your average traffic map. Waze is crowd sourced, so it is real time traffic updates by other users. Hazards, road blocks, speed traps, accidents and more are all reported through this app. You also have the option to contribute anything you see on the road to your fellow Waze users. Did we mention the app is free?!


iExit Interstate Exit Guide

Pit stops are very important when it comes to road tripping and traveling. If your co-pilot doesn’t have this app, then you should consider getting a different co-pilot. This application will keep you posted on all that is around you; food places, ATM’s, hotels and more. If you are looking to make a specific stop, the iExit app can alert you where to find it on the upcoming interstate exits.



Long trips on the road are coupled with multiple stops to fill up on gas. Not only does this app let you know where the nearest gas station is, it records all of the current prices at each place. To keep these prices current and correct, GasBuddy rewards its users with points for sharing and reporting station’s prices.


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If you live in a state where tolls are something to factor in when taking a road trip, you’ll want this app. Not only will TollGuru tell you what roads have and don’t have tolls, it will create the cheapest possible trip for you. This app factors in every detail about your trip to create stress free travel that gets you to your destination with some money left in your pockets.



Let’s be honest, everyone could use some help when it comes to organization. Finding something that will help keep all your important information in one spot is important. Drivvo does just that for all things vehicle related. Your cars’ odometer reading, fuel consumption, repairs, preventative maintenance, and mileage, can all be logged through this app. Do you want to set a reminder for maintenance and repairs? That can also be be accomplished with this single app!



This is a mileage log for tax purposes. Not every drive is for a personal trip, that is why this app can be a lifesaver; and money saver! This app runs automatically while you are gaining mileage. To classify your drive you swipe right for business and left for personal; MileIQ does the rest of the work for you. If you’d like, there are even options to add in toll fees and parking fees.



Road tripping to a new place can be stressful enough without dealing with parking. In unfamiliar places it is important to know where to park and where not to park; nobody wants their car towed. This app not only provides you with paring location, it shows you the prices as well. You will also be able to set a timer through the app to insure you don’t forget to pay the meter.



You’ll need more than just the app to get the full benefits, but it is absolutely worth it! The Automatic’s $99.95 wireless peripheral plugs into your car so it is able to read and diagnose all that is going on with your car. The app connects to this plug and makes it easy for the users to decipher what their car is trying to tell them. From alerting you of what certain dash light icons mean to more serious issues, this app will put you at ease on a long road trip!



This is a must have app when traveling and going on vacation. If you are new to an area this app will show you the closest restaurants. You will be able to find their menus, reviews, photos, and more. Once you use this information to make a choice, you can make a reservation right on the app!


Flush Toilet Finder

It may seem a bit funny to have an app that tells you the locations of toilets, but when you’re on a road trip and are about to walk into a filthy restroom, you’ll wish you has this app. Sometimes pulling over for a bathroom break isn’t easy when you don’t know if there is one around. Flush Toilet Finder will also let you know the state of the bathroom; whether it is clean or dirty, if there are handicap stalls, fees or no fees, and more.


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