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How To: Delete Cookies on Chrome

You might be asking... What are Computer Cookies? Do I have them on my computer? Cookies are small files that websites put on your computer to store small bits of information. A cookie can keep you logged into a website by writing ID information to a cookie file....

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Windows 10 Creators Update

  Are you a creative person, or want a technology that will further empower your creativity? If you answered, YES, keep reading... Windows' 10 Fall Creator Update: There are many new features that the Windows 10 Update can bring you. This update truly contrasts...

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My Experience with a “Microsoft” Scammer

Minding my own business and relaxing after a hard day at work and my phone rings.  A scammer called me and from a local number (spoofed if you are wondering 602-795-2230). With a huge smile on my face I decided to play along and scrambled to open my Windows 10 Virtual...

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Still using Windows XP? Don’t it puts you at risk.

Are you really still using windows XP? Don't, you shouldn’t be, it’s bad for you.  The outdated Operating System might be putting your data at risk.  Windows XP left wide open for potential Malware attacks: Computers running Windows XP have been truly unprotected for...

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Apple vs. FBI: Invasion of Privacy

While the use of cellphone hacking agents - such as Stingray - and computer/network monitoring software are perceived by the general public as protective measures to keep our country safe, one has to wonder; Is my Snapchat log really a matter of national security?!...

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FBI Virus on your mobile phone?

FBI Virus? What Is It? First let me say this. The FBI will never ask for money to unlock your computer and its files, Ever. If the FBI truly is “on to you” your computer would be seized and you would be charged with a crime. Its that simple. That being said what do...

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Mobile Malware

Mobile Malware There has been a rise in mobile malware recently, especially in the Android community. Here are some tips and recommendations for protecting yourself from becoming a victim of malware on your mobile device. Anti-Malware Apps Anti-malware applications...

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Social Media Dangers with Posting Child Photos

What Makes Social Media Dangerous for Kids? Social media is great for connecting with friends, relatives, old boyfriends/girlfriends you’d like to make jealous, and just general networking. Parents also tend to post a lot of pictures of their children on social...

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How To: Test Your Internet Connection Speed

Learn How to test your Internet Connection from a professional technician! Why Even Test Your Internet Connection? When you're paying money through your internet service provider (ISP) you pay for a certain internet speed. Testing your internet speed is to make sure...

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Granny on Social Media

We all have one of two reactions when it comes to finding out your elders are using social media: "Oh no! They're going to screenshot everything I post and excessively comment." "I'm going to have to spend hours teaching them how to work this." These are totally...

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Computer Virus

Computer Virus Computer viruses have the ability to alter our economy to a great extent by infiltrating consumer information, creating glitches in commercial transactions, and wreaking havoc on hard drives. About every six months or so, a story is on the news about...

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How Computer Viruses Can Impact Our Economy

How Computer Viruses Can Impact Our Economy The economy is impacted by computer viruses on both micro and macro scales. At the individual level, viruses take costs to fix the damages and remove the intrusive software, sometimes compromising sensitive files or...

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Computer Virus Scholarship

Computer viruses seem to be more and more common in our society today. The rise of online shopping and exchanges of money over the internet allows our society to be susceptible to these attacks. When computer viruses are so common it makes people question if they...

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Computer Viruses and Their Impact to Global Economy

Computer Viruses and Their Impact to Global Economy Computer viruses impact the world. Computer viruses in just the past year have even had an impact on multiple political elections. They also impact the amount of time and money that companies have to spend in order...

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My Computer Works Essay

Viruses are nasty things. To be more specific though, a computer virus is a type of super evil software program ("malware") that, replicates by reproducing itself or infecting other computer programs by modifying them. Infecting computer programs can include as well,...

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Scholarship Essay

Although the computer virus was already present in the 70's, it was in the 80s that the term malware was officially adopted. The first viruses were developed for a more than scientific purpose. They were created in order to perform invasive tests on a computer but...

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Scholarship Winner!

Computer Viruses and How They Affect Our Economy Imagine walking into the office to find that your computer has been completely wiped clean of all information. Unfortunately, this sad situation happens to businesses and hardworking home-owners more everyday because of...

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Technological Viruses

Technological viruses impact the economy by causing financial burdens to individuals, companies, and governments, but they also have the ability to create economic growth through job creation, technological development, and the creation of more efficient systems. Just...

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The Impact of Computer Viruses on Electronic Commerce

The Impact of Computer Viruses on Electronic Commerce With the rising influence of the Internet on the daily lives of many, commerce has shifted substantially from brick-and-mortar business to the online platform. As a result, consumers are purchasing and selling at...

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Computer Viruses

A computer virus can be the death of a computer in most cases. When one thinks of a computer virus, we think of all our information being lost and computer screen black. Computers are the new age in this modern society and viruses are the destruction of them....

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