Common Technology Terms You May Have Heard But Do Not Know

March 7, 2018 | Blog

There are many technology terms hear in the news or on ‘social media’ that you may not know the actual meaning of. My Computer Works has put together a short fun list that we hope will help you know a thing or two more than before you opened this article. Here you’ll find common technology terms you may have heard but do not know!


The broad encompassing term that houses websites and mobile apps such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, SnapChat and literally thousands of other websites and apps around the world that people use to exchange communication and content (referred to as User Generated Content).


Whenever you post on Facebook, Instagram, or even Yelp you are contributing ‘User Generated Content‘. It’s a business model that has allowed companies such as Facebook to get trillions of dollars of work for free.


This term describes any person on social media with enough of a following to influence the behavior or buying decisions of others. You will often see the press use phrases such as ‘YouTube Influencer’.


The amount of times an article, photo, or video is played, liked, shared, or commented on by individuals who interacted with it.


Describes the total potential audience for a particular piece of content.


Written and video content produced to program subjective thought about a product or service. Rather than a traditional advertisement which is just what it sounds like, an ad, ‘content marketing’ usually conveys useful information to the reader or viewer.


This the process of splitting design and written elements on a website, email, or interface and seeing which gets better engagement from a matching group of users. For example, when you go to a website you might see the background color as blue and in an A/B test another user may see the same background color as green. The goal of the website is to find out which their users engage with more.


The process of creating a path for a user to follow and various triggered events for follow up that take place based on the user’s activity. It’s the same technology that allows an advertiser to see you clicked on a product and then serves up ads for you to see the same product on different websites essentially in real-time.


A measurement that tells you how many different light points are generating the image you are seeing within an inch of your display. The higher this is the sharper and more lifelike an image or video can appear.


The higher this is the more pixels that can be used to display content. It doesn’t mean that the image, or video, will always use them all it just means that the phone, TV, or monitor is capable of displaying that many.


This is a trademark of Apple but it describes any screen with a resolution high enough that the naked eye couldn’t detect a single pixel in it. Generally these are 300 PPI or higher displays.


The design of user experience or ‘UX’, as you will commonly see it, is combining the mood, feel, and feedback of a user of a website or app to make improvements to how it works so that all of those things; mood, feel, feedback, improve with time.


The graphics and other elements that make up the menus, display areas, and layouts of the websites, apps, and even counsels we interact with.

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