Computer viruses and worms can cause severe damage to society.  At the top level, computer viruses and worms are a major concern in cyber warfare which is becoming the biggest concern for intelligence agencies to combat.  The United States and Israel created one of the first computer worms on a global scale in the development of Stuxnet.  This worm was developed to target specific programs in Iran’s nuclear uranium enrichment machinery and centrifuges.  However, this is not the only example that can be given.  In 2012, someone penetrated the South Carolina’s Department of Revenue resulting in the acquisition of millions of social security numbers and records.  This acquisition is a disgrace that may lead to individuals losing their life’s work.

There are numerous ways computer viruses can impact our economy.  The United States (US) heavily relies on the advancement of technology to store information electronically.  No longer is the US resorting to physical documentation and the world of digital information is only beginning.  Without the proper defensive measures to combat cyber warfare and viruses, the US in addition to several other nations will crumble due to successful penetrations by computer experts.