Computer Viruses

The electronic world is not immune to attack, making it all too easy for computer viruses to spread and affect businesses and individuals. The economy is affected by these computer viruses because of the amount of money that is put into preventing these viruses, as well as all that is spent trying to repair damaged systems and recover affected accounts. I think that in a way, computer viruses contribute to the economy positively, although at the expense of people trying to prevent infection, because the amount of money that is spent trying to prevent them is most likely greater than what is being lost to those computer viruses. It could also affect the economy by affecting which electronic products people buy. People will not buy electronics that are easy to hack, meaning they will pay more to try and have peace of mind over their newest purchase, and they will always make an effort to update their devices and buy the newest virus protection software available. Computer viruses are a sure way that electronics companies will continue to grow, because they always have something pushing them forward to make a newer, better product that is just a little bit more resistant to computer viruses and software
invasions than the last model. The economy is driven by forces that push the buyer one way or the other, and computer viruses cycle into the economy as well. Computer viruses are one force that is influencing the consumer and playing a role in what someone will or will not buy, and thus the consumers money cycling through the economy.