A computer virus can be the death of a computer in most cases. When one thinks of a computer virus, we think of all our information being lost and computer screen black. Computers are the new age in this modern society and viruses are the destruction of them. Everybody spends a lot of money to buy a new computer or laptop or to get their devices fixed when computer viruses hit them. People today are very careless with their technology, they just use their computers and never think twice about internet security. Computer viruses come in different way like pop ups, opening emails with viruses attached to them, or going to a website that contains one. Technology is taking over the world, it is how we communicate with people across the world and work from our jobs. Take for instance you work for a company, they spends thousands maybe millions to protect their software and inform you of how to protect the computers as well. They have classes or e-learnings on how to spot fake emails, phishing, and viruses that can infiltrate systems and steal information. More people are putting themselves at risk by not purchasing internet security to block their computers from hackers that steal information, which could lead to identity theft. Computer viruses impact the economy in a major way because people are so careless and think that they will never get a virus. They have fortune 500 companies that needs internet security to protect their information and client’s information from viruses that can infiltrate their database and steal information. Which is why these companies have an IT department that monitors threat amongst other things as well. When you go to an electronic store like best buy they always offer the internet protection package in addition with your item. That is for a reason so when you come back saying your computer has a virus it is protected and little out of cost payment from you. With the world being so technology based the people needs to have protection for their devices.