Computer Viruses and How They Affect Our Economy

Imagine walking into the office to find that your computer has been completely
wiped clean of all information. Unfortunately, this sad situation happens to businesses
and hardworking home-owners more everyday because of viruses. The idea of a virus
appearing on a computer as pop ups scams or email hacks are still seen today, but
every year viruses become more advance and become harder to encrypt.

Viruses and malware result in industries around the world paying billions yearly
basis. Cyber attacks highlight the financial impact of malicious activity on both
businesses and, ultimately, the consumer. The effect on the economy includes the costs
that companies have when they must repair virus damage and suffer from lost revenue.
The average time it takes to remove a virus from a computer is 1 hour, so if the whole
office has been encrypted of a virus, the time and money put into the computer adds up,
costing the business thousands.

The type of virus that is affecting our economy in astronomical ways is the virus
that can hold your computer for ransom. What hackers are able to do is lock the
computer in it’s entirety, steal every file, picture or credit information that you were
expecting to be kept personal and hold it until a ransom is paid. Now the reason why
this affects the economy so much is that if a business is affiliated with this horrific virus
the time and money put into removing this hassle can add up even more than just a
regular virus because of the ransom on top of it.

How to Stop Viruses?

To stop this constant cycle of losing time and money from nasty viruses, it is vital
to backup all of your valuable information. There are various ways to backup files, but
the most efficient method is to contact a trustworthy and professional tech support
company that can backup your files every night. One of the most reliable tech support
companies that can do nightly backups for business and at-home computers is the company ​My Computer Works.

Many believe that no one is targeting their at-home computer because there isn’t
any valuable information to take. To have this naive mindset gets millions of people into
trouble with computer viruses because any computer is at risk when it comes to viruses.
Prevent simple bugs and ransom-ware by backing up your files with a trusted tech