Control Your Family’s Digital Usage with Zift

April 4, 2018 | Blog

The mobile application, Zift, has given a whole new meaning to parental control. Zift Digital Family Control works on iPhone and Android platforms. Imagine the peace of mind a parent could have knowing their child is safely browsing the world wide web! If you thought is was impossible to supervise your family while they use their electronic devices, without physically looking over their shoulder, you’d be wrong. Now, you can control your family’s digital usage with one app, Zift!


This app has a number of features intended to keep the youth safe with insight and guidance on their digital world.

Net Nanny Smart Filter

The Net Nanny is the best software when it comes to filtering content online. This software does not require a specific web URL to filter out a webpage, all it needs is a keyword. In real time, the Net Nanny Smart Filter, determines if the content being accessed is safe for your child.

Because the internet is dominated by the constant changes made to user-generated content, Zift knows this feature is extremely important. If software notices an unsafe situation for your child, you would be notified immediately!

Monitor Your Children’s Activity On Their Mobile Device

  • Online Activity- Have access to everything your children browse on the internet as well as information on sites that have been warned about or blocked
  • View or Block Apps- Zift lets parents know if any apps have been downloaded, then gives the parent the power to view the app or block it.
  • Monitor Screen Time- For the parents who are truly curious about the amount of time their kiddos spend staring at their phone, this feature is for them. Zift breaks down the amount of time their child is using their mobile device as well as how much time is spent on individual task (i.e. app usage, web browsing, game playing).
  • Be Educated on Apps- In the parent portal, parents can not only see the apps their kids have downloaded but also be given a detailed description of what the app is.

Choose The Amount Of Screen Time Your Child Gets

This feature in the app lets you set curfews for your child’s digital device. You will be able to set a healthy schedule for your children when it comes to using technology. This schedule will determine when and how long there is access to things like, apps, internet, game playing, etc.

Pausing the internet is another perfect way to manage your family’s digital usage. For example, the no phone at dinner rule, will be no problem. Zift makes it easy to hit ‘pause’ on any of your children’s mobile phones.

Locate Your Family At Any Time

It is easy to locate your kids with this app. At anytime you are able to pin point exactly where your family is. If they are safely with you, this feature also lets you to see their ‘footprints’. Basically, track where exactly they went throughout the day and when!

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