FBI Virus on your mobile phone?

June 19, 2017 | Blog


FBI Virus? What Is It?

First let me say this.

The FBI will never ask for money to unlock your computer and its files, Ever.

If the FBI truly is “on to you” your computer would be seized and you would be charged with a crime. Its that simple. That being said what do you do if you see the FBI Virus on your mobile device? Or even your computer.

The best answer is contact a computer specialist to assist in the removal of the offending software and the securing of your computer. Like the ones at My Computer Works.

One Users FBI Virus Experience:

The Internet Crime Complaint Unit or IC3 shared this story on the FBI site. “While browsing the Internet, a window popped up with no way to close it,” one victim recently wrote to the IC3. “The window was labeled ‘FBI’ and said I was in violation of one of the following: illegal use of downloaded media, under-age porn viewing, or computer-use negligence. It listed fines and penalties for each and directed me to pay $200 via a MoneyPak order. Instructions were given on how to load the card and make the payment. The page said if the demands were not met, criminal charges would be filed and my computer would remain locked on that screen.”

This is what most users experience. Ransomware is hardly new it still is a problem for some unsecured devices. This article is from 2012, but our Call Center at MCW has recently experienced a resurgence in mobile infections.

This is what some people see on their mobile device.


What To Do About The FBI Virus

As to what you should do if you find yourself a victim of this infection.  Well the IC3 puts it best.

The IC3 suggests the following if you become a victim of the FBI virus:

  • Do not pay any money or provide any personal information.
  • Contact a computer professional to remove the infection from your computer.
  • Be aware that even if you are able to unfreeze your computer, the malware may still operate in the background. Certain types of malware are known to capture personal information such as user names, passwords, and credit card numbers. (which is why a professional should remove the infection)
  • File a complaint and look for updates about the FBI virus on the IC3 website. Here

An addition a preemptive step that they don’t list.  Back up your files on your devices.  Anything you cant live without should be backed up often. All infections come with a risk of losing the data during removal. Of course if you have any questions or need virus protection assistance give MCW a call.

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