Finding an Alternate to Internet Explorer

March 31, 2022 | Blog

Computer users are creatures of habit and most are pretty particular about their browsers. They have a favorite, which makes sense, since users tend to curate browsers with bookmarks and preferences that make their browsing experience easier and more personalized. 


And when it comes to browsers, there are so many from which to choose.

Statista reports the most popular browsers are Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge and Firefox. But when it comes to performance, industry experts rank Firefox at the top, with the others rounding out the top four.


Noticeably absent is Internet Explorer. One quick search, on your preferred browser of course, and you’ll find more than 2 million entries related to the drawbacks of using Internet Explorer. The biggest drawback is its security vulnerability. 


That’s right. Anyone still using Internet Explorer is at risk of being targeted by users with malicious intent. As much as that sounds like a plot in an old spy movie, it is a current reality. In fact, Microsoft — which created Internet Explorer — is issuing those warnings. 


To put this simply, it’s time to move on from Internet Explorer. It had its day in the sun, a while ago, and better, safer, faster options exist. Industry experts have said that even having the browser on a computer, regardless of whether or not it’s running, is a security risk. 


So, if you still have Internet Explorer on your computer, let’s talk about changing that. And, if you’re still using Internet Explorer as your preferred browser, it’s time for an immediate break-up.

We’ll walk you through a new alternative.


Export your favorites.

Before you uninstall your browser, you might want to take your favorites with you. Most browsers, including Internet Explorer, make this a pretty easy process. In the favorites menu, select the “Import and Export” option and save the HTM file to your computer. Once you install a new browser, you will have an opportunity to import those favorites. 


Uninstall Internet Explorer.

It’s important to uninstall the app altogether rather than just stop using it. Remember, experts have reported that hackers can access computers with Internet Explorer installed, even if it isn’t currently running. To uninstall, find the app in the “Optional Features” section of your “Settings,” and click “uninstall.” 


Find a new browser.

Naturally, Microsoft Edge is the browser Microsoft encourages Internet Explorer users to transition to — and experts give it high marks. It’s fast, incredibly safe and secure, and allows users to save sites as apps — if that’s something you’re into. Firefox is an option that is preferred for privacy and flexibility, while Google Chrome is liked for its speed, its versatility and its ability to work across platforms. All three of them are safe options although some work faster than others and some require less space than others. 


A new browser installation is entirely up to a user’s preferences and usage. So take each for a test drive if you need to, to ensure you’ve found a good fit!


CTA: Contact us to learn more about how our computer experts can offer you ongoing support for any issues you’re experiencing and help you install a new browser with features that fit your best use.

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