Finding The Best Laptop For Travel

November 1, 2023 | Other

Compared to previous years, professionals are traveling less for work. While business travel accounted for about 12% of travel in 2022, which was down slightly from the year before, industry estimates reveal that overall business travel is down significantly compared to pre-pandemic times.


However, with increased rates of remote work, more travelers may be hitting the road for leisure or adventure and bringing work along with them. It helps that technology is keeping pace, and in most cases, outpacing the needs of professionals who travel — be it for work or otherwise. 


With more people feeling untethered from their cubicles, but still tied to professional responsibilities, it’s worthwhile to explore the best laptops and travel accessories for frequent travelers. As most people would expect, laptops are not all made the same.  


Some are excellent for gaming, while others are ideal for basics — from browsing to email to file storage. Here are a few things to consider when looking for a travel-friendly laptop.


Size. Anyone who has traveled on an airplane recently knows that space is at a premium, especially when it comes to the tray table. The same can be said for road trips, which don’t even come with tray tables. And, given strict carry-on dimensions that are being enforced by airlines, it’s important to be mindful of the screen size of a laptop if you’re looking to use it while traveling. Experts suggest screen sizes that max out at 13 inches for anyone looking to use a laptop on the go. 


Weight. There’s nothing wrong with carrying around a heavy laptop, along with your other belongings while traveling, but who would want to? Finding a lightweight laptop that checks all the boxes when it comes to performance is a better way to go. Experts who review the laptop market for PC Magazine rated the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 11 as their top choice for a lightweight laptop for traveling professionals. The Dell Precision 5470 and Apple MacBook Air rounded out the top three.


Capabilities. Gamers go on vacation, too. And when they do, they may want a laptop that will travel easy while also performing. Experts like the Razer Blade 14 for its capabilities and its understated look, which means it could pass for a work computer in a professional setting if it needed to. 


Accessories. Travelers often need more than their laptops to make excursions enjoyable. For example, travelers may appreciate a zip-up tech kit that keeps chargers, cords and stylus pens organized with neat straps and perfectly sized pockets. Those who fly frequently may appreciate an adapter that allows wireless earbuds to connect to airplane TVs, while roadtrippers may need the connectivity that a pay-as-you-go mobile hotspot allows. From power banks to tiles that help users keep track of where they last placed their tech devices, the variety of accessories available for travelers is impressive. 


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