Funny Questions And Commands For Google Assistant

September 11, 2018 | Blog

Do you use an Android smartphone? If you do, Google Assistant is an awesome voice control software. Just by simply speaking a question or command, your smartphone will react and quickly retrieve an answer.

Turn on Voice Control:

  1. On your Android phone or tablet, navigate to the Google app
  2. Click the ‘Menu’ tab (on the bottom right)
  3. On the drop down tab, select ‘Settings’ and then ‘Voice’
  4. Select “OK Google” Detection
  5. Choose when you want your phone listening for your “OK Google” command

Ask Google Assistant These Questions:

Although these voice control devices are meant to assist you with serious tasks and questions, they can also provide some comedic relief. Below you’ll find some of the funny responses we got when asking Google Assistant questions.
What’s your name?
“Did I forget to introduce myself? I’m your Google Assistant.”
When is your birthday?
“I try to live every day like it’s my birthday. I get more cake that way.”
What’s your morning routine?
“I like to do exercises. 123 squared is 15,129. 15,129 squared is 228,886,641.”
Do you sleep?
“I take power naps when we aren’t talking.”
Are you afraid of the dark?
“Yeah, but baby hedgehogs come out at night. (They’re nocturnal.)”
I’m sad.
“I wish I had arms so I could give you a hug. But for now, maybe a joke or some music might help.”
Can you do my homework?
“First I need to figure out how to use a pencil. Then we’ll talk.”
Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend?
“I’m working on myself. I improve a little every update.”
Tell me a joke.
“Did you hear about the houses that fell in love? It was a lawn-distance relationship.”
What’s your favorite website?
“It starts with a G and ends with a Oogle.”

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