Genius Bar’s 15 Minutes of Fame

March 2, 2016 | Blog

Congratulations Apple lovers, your dreams are about to become a reality! As of last week, Apple released a statement ( Article) granting an additional five whole minutes to your support session. Genius Bar has upped the ante in the tech support world by giving their consumers an extension of their genius time. Currently, Apple allows their technicians 10 minutes to diagnose, repair, and explain in detail online the issues your device might be exhibiting. If your session extends past the allotted 10 minutes, your technician will stop and schedule you a follow-up appointment. They’ve now graciously bestowed upon us 15 whole minutes of technical support for the several hundred dollar device you’ve already purchased. Thank you, Apple, that’s a very kind gesture.

Don’t snicker you Microsoft/Android lovers! While bashing a timed tech support session we must remember; at least they’re catering to the masses – in store – with one of your friendly ‘neighborhood kids’. Overseas calls could test the patience of the Pope. Many consumers will relinquish their Windows products to speak to someone they can relate to.

A combination of the two services (Apple and Microsoft) is what My Computer Works strives to maintain. Fast, friendly, knowledgeable online tech support from one of your ‘neighborhood kids’.

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