Granny on Social Media

June 16, 2017 | Blog

We all have one of two reactions when it comes to finding out your elders are using social media:

  1. “Oh no! They’re going to screenshot everything I post and excessively comment.”
  2. “I’m going to have to spend hours teaching them how to work this.”

These are totally reasonable responses when your Granny calls you and tells you she created a profile on Instagram.

However, you should really be flattered she took the time to insert herself in the digital world. I mean, she only did it because she wants to see everything that is going on in your life.

Social Media is not just for young people anymore…

With that being said, this does not mean that the older generation necessarily knows what they are doing on these digital platforms. Either you bravely offer your help, or you regret it later.

To stop this before it happens, you’ll need to follow a few steps!

  1. Request something in return for your help. Baked goods?
  2. Take a deep breath and be patient.
  3. Prepare yourself for some bizarre questions.

Nobody can argue that teaching your Granny about the world of social media is the opposite of a minuet task. This can be overwhelming for them just as much as it can be for you. If you want to stop getting slack for always being on your phone, this is the price you’ll have to pay. After you teach them all the social media tips, they may never want to get off their phone either!

Remember to never assume they understand something. Take it extremely slow and go step-by-step. Who knows, maybe they’ll be better at it than you.

Take ‘Baddie Winkle’ for example:

This Granny has definitely embraced the technology boom, with over 3 million followers on Instagram!

This is a Granny who has no fear of the growing world of social media! She sets the standards high, even for those of us who grew up surrounded by these digital tools.

Hey, you never know, maybe your own Granny could be the next Instagram celebrity! (But not without your help).

We can help!

If you feel like this task is too much for you to take on, no worries! The technicians at My Computer Works will do it for you. We will take the responsibility of being your Granny’s coach on all things digital. Check out our reviews here, or give us a call at (800)-935-6704.

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