How To Avoid Technology-Inspired Stress And Frustration

November 9, 2023 | Blog

It is not uncommon to experience frustration or stress when using a computer or other high-tech device. Despite being developed to “make life easier,” technology can often experience snags that have the ability to rile up users in a less-than-productive way.


In fact, computer rage has its own Wikipedia page due to its prevalence. And, fewer scenes in Hollywood are more relatable to the average office worker than the one from the movie Office Space that depicts coworkers beating a printer with a baseball bat and dress shoes.


The struggle to avoid becoming frustrated with underperforming technology is, as they say, real. 


But, there are ways to mitigate it. There are some preventative measures to take and some that help with troubleshooting to manage an issue in the moment. Both are beneficial when avoiding unwanted stress and frustration are the goal. 


Practice patience. This is quite a bit easier said than done, particularly if a tech device decides to act up as a deadline nears. But, becoming upset about a tech problem has never been shown to remedy it quicker. To avoid becoming more upset than you already are, step away from the device and take a breather. 


Keep everything updated. One of the best ways to avoid technology-related stress is to make sure all programs, browsers and applications are as updated as possible. Updates offer patches for problems the programs have experienced since development, so taking the time to install them is worth it — if you want to avoid headaches related to viruses and malware down the road. 


Get support. Google doesn’t have all the answers, unfortunately. And, sometimes if it does, it’s not the easiest to understand, especially for those who aren’t as tech savvy. Once you’ve run out of DIY options and energy to find a solution on your own, seek qualified support. The problem may be bigger than you are able to navigate, and that’s why professionals are available to help. In fact, troubleshooting problems and assisting with technology that is confusing is exactly the type of support the team at My Computer Works offers for its clients. Whether you’re a business or an individual, we’re able to step in and make the situation more palatable and less stressful.


Unplug. Thanks to WiFi and handheld devices, we are almost always connected to technology, sometimes even when we sleep. To manage technology-related stress and to avoid becoming overcome by tech frustration, find time every so often to completely unplug. Venture outside of WiFi range, or if you can’t, put your devices on airplane mode, close them down or flip them over. The benefits of unplugging are many, and the most important one is the ability to let go of tech-related stress.


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