How To Bookmark Webpages On Any Browser

April 8, 2020 | Blog

Saving your most visited websites can come in handy for many reasons. If you’ve ever cleared cache, or deleted cookies and autofill, that may have also stopped the internet browser from showing your most visited webpages on its home screen. If you come across a great article and want to be able to find it at a later time, just bookmark the webpage.

It doesn’t matter what browser you use, My Computer Works has provided instructions on how to bookmark webpages for them all!

TIP: Most internet browsers will allow you to use Ctrl+D (a keyboard shortcut), to quickly pull up the menu for creating a bookmark/favorite.

Safari Safari

  1. Open Safari
  2. Head to the webpage you wish to save in bookmarks
  3. Click ‘Bookmarks’ on the toolbar (top of screen), then select ‘Add Bookmark’ (from the drop down menu)
  4. On the menu that appears: Name the bookmark and add it to a folder
  5. Click ‘Add’

If you want to have this webpage show up right under your address bar, just drag the web address and drop in there. It will then ask you to name the bookmark before adding it.

Firefox Mozilla Firefox

  1. On Firefox, navigate to the page you’d like bookmarked
  2. Use keyboard short cut: Ctrl+D
  3. A menu will appear labeled: Edit This Bookmark
  4. Name the bookmark, choose the folder you want it in, then select ‘done’


Google Chrome Google Chrome

  1. Open Google Chrome
  2. Go to the website you want to bookmark
  3. Then select the The icon that allows users to bookmark a page in Google Chrome. icon (far right side of the address bar)
  4. A menu will appear: name bookmark, select the folder, and click ‘Done’


Opera Opera

  1. Navigate to the page you wish to bookmark on Opera
  2. Select the The bookmark icon in Opera. icon (far right side of the address bar)
  3. On the pop up menu: name the bookmark, save to a folder, and select ‘Done’

Chrome Microsoft Edge

  1. On Microsoft Edge, navigate to the webpage you want bookmarked
  2. Press Ctrl+D or select the Microsoft Edge favorites icon. icon (far right side of the address bar)
  3. A menu will appear, name the bookmark
  4. Choose a folder from the drop down menu titled ‘Save In’
  5. Select ‘Add’


Internet Explorer Internet Explorer

  1. Open Internet Explorer on Microsoft
  2. Go to the website you wish to add to your favorites
  3. Select the The add to favorites star icon in Internet Explorer. icon (far right side of the web address bar) or press Ctrl+D
  4. The window that opens will ask you to name the favorite
  5. Select a destination for the favorite under the drop down menu labeled ‘Create in’
  6. Click ‘Add’


You can also right-click on any blank spot on the webpage and choose ‘Add to Favorites’ from the drop down menu. Then follow the same steps from here (4-6).

Has the bookmark stopped working?

This is not too common, but it can happen. For a bookmark to stop working after a certain point of time, there could be several reasons why. Webpages that require a login or have frequently changing information may cause your bookmark to expire after a few days or hours. If this keeps happening, we recommend saving the websites main page (home page) to bookmarks, rather than a sub-page.

For example, save  and not a specific sub-page like, It’s always possible that any webpage you choose to bookmark has changed locations, or has been deleted.

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