How To: Cut, Copy, and Paste!

May 2, 2017 | Blog

Learn how to Cut, Copy, and Paste from a professional tech!

 Another FAQ: What’s the difference between copying and cutting?

You can think of it like an actual piece of paper, for example a letter. When you photocopy the letter, it creates a duplicate and the original stays intact. Cutting a block of text out of the letter, on the other hand, removes that portion from the letter.

On your computer, when you copy a file, image, text or other item, it creates a duplicate of that item in your computer’s temporary memory.

Cutting an item will remove it from the page or folder and hold it in memory, as above.

You can almost always copy (duplicate) something, like a phrase on a web page, but cutting is only possible if you have editing or administrative control of the item. For example, you can’t cut phrases out of web pages you visit in your browser (imagine what the web would look like if everyone could!). There are exceptions, like editable websites like Wikipedia, but that’s because you have editing control on that site.

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Cut, Copy, and Paste

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