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November 20, 2017 | Blog

Virus Removal for everyday computer users. These steps show you how to clean a computer that you think is infected with a virus or malware. What’s most important is, if anything looks suspicious, do not click on it. We will tell you how to close these windows in step 2. moneypak virus removal

Step 1: How do I know I have a virus?

Not sure if you have a virus? Here are some examples of symptoms you may experience if your computer has a virus or malware.moneypak virus removal

  • unusual or suspicious looking windows open
  • lots of popup windows opening
  • trouble accessing your computer
  • there may be a message saying you have to pay money to unlock the computer (this is called ransomware). Do not pay any ransom!!
  • the computer is running very slowly
  • strange websites are opening in the internet browser

If experiencing any of these problems with your computer here are steps to remove the virus…

Step 2: Carefully Close All Windows and Programs

  1. Try to save any work done. If a file is open in a program like Microsoft Word or Excel, try to save it.
  2. When everything’s saved, press control-alt-delete. ( Do this by holding the ctrl, alt and delete keys down all at once.) A window will open. You should now be able to select each program that is running and then click the “End Task” button on the bottom right hand corner of the window to turn the program off.

Step 3: Call a tech company

THIS IS IMPORTANT!! Try your best to refrain from attempting a full virus removal yourself.  We repeatedly receive calls on computer not turning and loss of data. These are most often the result of customers attempting to fix their virus issues them self.  Save yourself the headache of losing irreplaceable family photos and contact a reliable tech company first. They can do a full comprehensive tune up on you device for you. Once your computer is clean most companies will download both virus protection and malware protection to maintain the working performance of your device. If unsure of which company to go with many people have suggested My Computer Works. Call (877) 629-6972 to set up an appointment today.

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