How To Use eBay to Buy and Sell

March 16, 2018 | Blog

My Computer Works wants to teach you how to use eBay to buy and sell. If you make unique products or just want to sell your old ones, this article is for you!

You have to start by getting on the Internet and navigating to the eBay homepage. To insure you are on the correct website, the address bar should read: and have a green lock that looks like this: green lock 42

The green security lock is indicating that you are on a secured website. This should be visible on ALL retail sites you use. If it is not there, DO NOT enter any billing information!

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First, Set Up an eBay Account:

Having an account means having easy to access history of your orders and sales. You’ll always be able to keep track of purchases along with the items you have up for sale/items sold. No need to go through hundreds of emails to find that one ‘receipt’.

In the top left corner of the web-page, you’ll see “Hi! Sign in or register”…click register.

You’ll then proceed to fill out your name, email, and a password of your choosing. For the password be sure to have at least 6 letters, a symbol or number, and at least one upper case letter.

You now have an eBay account! How easy was that??

Sell on eBay!

On the top right corner of the web-page, click Sell. After this you’ll fill out a form with your contact information.

Then, you will:

  1. Enter title of your listing
    • The title is what is going to get a buyers attention. Make sure it has enough detail to describe the product.
  2. Take photos of your item(s)
    • Be sure these photos are clear and show the item at every angle.
  3. Enter description of the items you’re listing
    • This section can be as detailed as you want! The most important information should be as close to the beginning as possible.
  4. Pick a selling format
    • You will be able to choose either ‘auction’ or ‘buy it now’
  5. Decide the price you want for your item
    • This is determined by which selling format you pick
  6. Go through the Listing Preferences
    • On this page, you will decipher your return policy, auction start and end dates, and shipping.
  7. Submit!
    • Don’t forget to hit the ‘Submit’ button or you won’t be making any money off your listing.

Need More Help?

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