Is Remote Computer Repair Safe?

September 13, 2021 | Blog
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Technology is a blessing and a curse. With today’s hectic lives, especially for many who work from home, you may have no choice but to rely heavily on technology with the expectation that your device will work efficiently. Once in a while, you may encounter one issue after another, which can put a snag in your productivity. 


Luckily, the advancement of remote computer repair technology means all you need is the internet and a wireless connection to fix your PC, Mac or tablet, which doesn’t require a heavy lift on your part. 


Computer repair, troubleshooting issues and maintenance are hassle-free and done in real time. One of the biggest concerns you may have; is remote computer repair safe? Let’s explore how it works with your privacy in mind. 

How is Remote Computer Repair Convenient? 

Remote computer repair is quick, convenient and cost-effective. It’s a pain to unplug all your cables, box them up and sift through traffic to get to a repair shop. What can take days or weeks to get your computer back in your hands can happen the same day without having to leave your home or office. 


With remote computer repair, you can connect with a technician and have them fix your device in real time without putting a kink in your to-do list. While the technician performs virtual surgery on your device, you can sit back and watch your screen while it’s being fixed or simply carry on with your day. 

How Does Remote Computer Repair Work?

A remote technician will schedule a time that’s convenient for you, or in most cases, service your device as soon as you call. The technician will install secure temporary software on your device to access your computer. The software is a gateway, providing remote access to your PC or Mac so they can make the fixes you need. 

Is Remote Computer Repair Safe?

Here’s the thing, if you take your device to a repair shop, you can’t see what they’re doing. With remote repair, you have full transparency and can monitor what’s happening to your device on your screen. 


We’ve all heard of or dealt with scammers who want access to your personal data or documents. It’s vital you do your homework before picking a remote computer repair company. Look for any certifications, number of years in service, testimonials, online ratings and ask about the type of technology they use to protect your computer and its content. 


At My Computer Works, our certified technicians take your security, privacy and peace of mind seriously. We screen and train our staff, backed by our robust quality assurance team, to uphold our technicians to ethical standards and procedures. That way, your information, data and files are secure. 


We use a secure encrypted connection via your secured wireless connection to access your device. Plus, our technicians can’t connect to your computer unless you allow it. 

Computer Issues that Fall Within Remote Computer Repair 

Remote computer repair is a great service for any issue such as software updates, installing and uninstalling programs and working out any glitches you’re experiencing. These include but are not limited to:

  • Viruses, spyware, malware
  • Email and attachment issues
  • Slow performance 
  • Software updates 
  • Wireless connection issues 
  • Installing firewalls
  • Backing up hard drives or issues connecting with external hard drives 
  • Antivirus setup 
  • Parental controls 
  • Download and upload issues 
  • Computer freezes 

Can I Stop Remote Access to my Computer? 

The key thing about remote computer repair is that you’re in control of your device at all times. If you don’t want a technician to continue poking around your device, the software you downloaded gives you an option to stop remote access. 

When is Remote Computer Repair Not an Option? 

Sometimes you might have a major issue with your device that online computer repair simply cannot fix. These are typically issues with the actual computer hardware, such as a cracked screen, printer malfunctions, broken parts and pieces. 


Computer issues can happen at the most inconvenient times. When you need remote computer repair, you want to rely on a service provider you can trust. My Computer Works is a Better Business Bureau accredited company and our certified technicians have helped hundreds of thousands of people and businesses with technology challenges over the years. We operate seven-days-a-week and provide fast and affordable computer support services to get you back on track. When you need us, we’re ready to help!

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