Johnny Utah and the Atom

February 17, 2016 | Blog


Move over Pac-12 fans, the University of Utah is changing the name of Engineering as we speak. Yesterday sources at The Science Tribune (Click here) gave major kudos to the Utes – no, we don’t mean youths – for developing a major advancement in semiconductor material.


What does this mean to you personally? Probably nothing. What does this mean for technology? Improved processors in computers and cell phones for faster and more reliable process handling. Can’t wait those extra 3 seconds for that image of Jennifer Lawrence to load? No need to panic, My Computer Works got you covered! Let’s not forget the enhancement of battery life. Just think, if your phone never dies you might never miss a Tweet again. More good news: the new material being used, 2D and only one atom thick, consists of tin monoxide (tin and oxygen). Beware folks; using different elements to create faster electronics could potentially eliminate jobs for every small child in a 3rd world country.


All joking aside, a single atom of material will reduce overheating in electronics across the board. Also, increasing graphics has the potential of propelling the gaming world into a whole new dimension. On a more personally satisfying note; those pesky issues of cell phone batteries exploding, causing bodily injuries, will be significantly reduced if not eliminated completely by a single element change.


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