Keep Your Computer Running Smoothly With These 9 Tips

March 10, 2023 | Blog

There are few things more frustrating than a slow computer. Technology should work the way it’s supposed to when we need it to. But, invariably, problems arise. 


While some problems can be caused by external forces, like attacks from hackers or internet outages, many problems can be avoided if computer users commit to a handful of practices designed to keep computers running smoothly. 


Here are 9 tips to follow.


Update programs. When your computer prompts you to update your operating system, do it. Updates offer fixes to problems that weren’t known when the system was released. The same goes for software. If you aren’t prompted to update, you can check to see if updates are available manually. On PCs, navigate to Start>Settings>Update & Security>Windows Update and select “Check for updates.” On a Mac, select View>Software Update in the System Preferences or Settings menu.


Use antivirus software. Antivirus software acts as an added layer of protection against a variety of malicious attacks, including phishing and viruses. They offer real-time scans, provide warnings about dangerous sites, delete malicious code, and protect against malware and ransomware. 


Clean your computer’s hardware. Extend the life of your computer and add speed to its performance by regularly cleaning its hardware by using a can of compressed air. And always follow the instructions on the can when using it. When a computer runs more smoothly and works longer, it is able to better protect the information and data it is storing. Just for good measure, regularly clean your monitor and keyboard, too, using a dry cotton cloth. 


Optimize startup programs. Sometimes the time it takes to start a computer can be attributed to the startup programs that run after Windows launches. To improve operating system speed, it’s helpful to optimize those startup programs by cleaning the startup folder and delaying the start of certain programs by using Task Scheduler.


Reduce background processes. Apps often run without computer users ever knowing. By reducing the number of apps running in the background, users can help their computer run more smoothly. On a PC, choose which apps can run in the background by navigating to Settings>Privacy>Background apps.


Shut down properly. Shutting down and starting a computer the right way helps it run more smoothly. To shut down, navigate to Start>Power>Shut down. Shutting down a computer too quickly, by doing a “hard shutdown” can result in data loss or a power spike. And, not shutting down a computer regularly adds stress to its components and shortens their life cycles.


Tidy up your system. It’s important to empty the trash every so often because it will free up disk space and allow your system to run faster. The same goes for unused or unneeded files. And since computers utilize temporary files with each task they perform, it’s important to use Disk Cleanup on Windows to clear those every so often. On Macs, those files are tossed with each reboot. 


Manage storage. Sometimes we’re storing things on our computers we never knew we had. And all of those things, from photos to videos to documents and music files, take up space. By clicking on File Explorer, PC users can see what files are taking up the most space.


Conduct driver updates. Driver updates help a computer run smoothly by introducing security updates, eliminating bugs or problems with the software, and allowing for improved communication following software and operating system updates. 


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