Laptop vs. Desktop: A Tech’s Story

April 12, 2017 | Blog

Buying a new PC, whether desktop or laptop, can be a pain in the RAM. Generally speaking, there are literally thousands of mix-and-match options to choose from in today’s technological world.

With just the click of a button, any consumer in nearly any country can purchase their own customized laptop or desktop machine fully loaded to fit their particular needs. Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen unless you already know what qualifiers to ask to make a computer compatible for you.

After experiencing frustration from our customer base, we asked on our expert computer technicians to break down some ‘need-to-know’ basics:

Here a few things to look for in buying a new pc.

Should I get a desktop or laptop?

  1. If you are person who works in an office or in a study at home, a desktop would be the best choice because the money you would save from a buying a laptop could be used for a desktop with higher specifications. However if you are person who is always on the go or needs to have your pc or mac wherever you go, then the laptop is going to be your choice. The mobility however will mean more money to purchase a laptop.


Should I get a solid state drive or standard hard drive?

  1. To simply put a solid state hard drive is the best you choice you can make. Solid state drives are more expensive however they will make your pc run faster and the overall performance of your pc with applications will run at a higher rate. However, if you only need a computer to search the web, check emails and watch movies you can spend less amount money on a bigger storage standard hard drive while receiving good performance of the pc.

What processor should I get?

  1. Processors are like the brain of the pc. The more cores you have and higher gigahertz helps your pc run faster when having multiple apps running on the pc. Basically multiple cores run faster than a single or duo core. Example: a single core 2GHz processor runs slower than a quad core 2 GHz processor. So when looking into a new pc, get a new pc that has multiple cores and high gigahertz.

What is RAM?

  1. RAM is Random Access Memory and the more RAM you have can affect the speed of you pc. Based on what you need to use your pc for, in present society having around 4 to 6 GB of RAM can easily handle day to day activates on computers. The greater the RAM means the easier it is for your pc for running multiple applications at the same time. If possible when purchasing a new pc, try and get a pc with a high RAM along with a high processor speed.

What else to look for in a Laptop OR Desktop?

Some things you look for in today’s society is Wi-Fi (wireless internet) capability. For people who take a lot of pictures you should look for a pc with a SD slot for camera cards. Another thing to look for is Bluetooth capability that will take your wireless needs to another level of being to hook up Bluetooth headphones or connect your phone to make calls from your pc.

The last thing to look for are USB 3.0 or 3.1 in today’s society. USB 3.1 is the fastest interface out currently that provides high speed data transfer capable.

Still need help picking a laptop or desktop?

Our online tech support professionals at My Computer Works are here to assist you from getting a new computer, speeding up your old one, removing computer viruses and spywares to complete computer service repair.

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