The Link Between Computer Viruses and The Economy


Have you ever been surfing the internet and you receive a pop-up message saying your virus protection is out of date? Most of us will disregard it, and don’t think we need to pay attention to that notice. However, viruses on our computers could be detrimental to not only your computer system, but possibly the economy because vital information could be leaked into the wrong hands and cause numerous problems.

Have you ever had a virus on your computer? I have had a virus on a computer in the past, and it caused several issues with my computer system. Luckily, it seemed as though the only issues I had was the computer running slow, and receiving multiple “junk” emails to my inbox. However, some people aren’t as lucky when it comes to computer viruses. When a virus infects your computer system, it can leak vital information out to the internet and can possibly lead to identity theft. Over the past few years, identity theft has become a serious problem in the United States and identity theft gravely affects the economy. For example, if a person makes an online purchase and finds out their information has been stolen from a virus, they are most likely going to be inclined to not shop online again. If this happens to enough people, less people will make online purchases, making online sales decline, and overall, people spending less money. The economy gets stronger when people are spending their money, and if people do not want to spend, the economy becomes stagnant.

The economy is affected by computer viruses that can happen on computer systems at work. If a computer in the workplace is infected with a virus, the virus could steal crucial company information from employees personal information to information from the accounting department. If a virus is able to steal this information, it could ultimately lead to the downfall of a company; thus, affecting the economy because that would cause multiple employees to lose their jobs. Unfortunately, hacking is becoming an increasing problem in the age of technology we live in, so people that have knowledge of creating viruses can possibly find different ways to infect your computer.

In conclusion, computer viruses can have a damaging effect on society and the economy. It is imperative that we remain up to date with virus protection systems to prevent any issues mentioned above from occurring. Hopefully in the future, through advanced technology developing constantly, there can be a way to prevent computer viruses altogether.