Living In An AI World

July 14, 2023 | Blog
Living In An AI World

Artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer a futuristic vision. It’s here and it’s being used right now, often in ways consumers don’t even notice. 

Social media platforms rely on AI as part of their behavior-based algorithms, the healthcare industry is utilizing AI to assist in the diagnostic process and smart devices use AI to learn the preferences of their users. The AI market, which is expected to grow by nearly 40% between now and 2030, has the ability to influence just about every industry — if it isn’t already. 

While it has received some pessimistic warnings from tech leaders concerned about its use in the future and the implications that come with using this type of technology, AI has the potential to make life and business easier in a number of ways. Here are just a few. 

Voice assistants: AI has already been embedded in people’s everyday lives in ways they might not expect. Siri, Apple’s voice assistant installed on its phones and other personal devices, has long talked back to users — offering answers and performing tasks. Amazon’s Alexa has done the same, learning preferences and completing tasks on behalf of its user. Consider the last time a music platform or a streaming service suggested titles similar to ones you’ve already selected. 

Customer service: Businesses have integrated chatbots into their websites, allowing customers to interact on select topics at any hour of the day. In some cases, interacting with a chatbot is easier than making a phone call, waiting on hold and having to explain a situation to a live, customer service agent. 

Autonomous vehicles: AI is being employed to help autonomous vehicles learn, anticipate and respond to real-world situations in the future. From pedestrian safety to the behaviors of other drivers, AI that informs its inner algorithms is allowing the vehicles to compute an appropriate response and — with any luck — avoid collisions.

ChatGPT: Perhaps one of the most talked about recent advancements utilizing AI, ChatGPT creates humanlike conversational dialogue that can be used for a number of applications. While the application can be used for simple conversation and research, businesses are using it to draft written pieces — from email marketing to social media content to product descriptions and more. It can also be used for market research and competitive analysis, presentation preparation and the production of training materials. 

AI, despite warnings and trepidation, can be used to automate mundane processes and procedures. And it is already being used in the sales process, particularly when it comes to data analysis and automated lead generation practices. Embracing its benefits, in business and in life, could just make things easier. 

Imagine using ChatGPT to draft a written piece you’re avoiding, relying on a chatbot to handle off-hours customer service queries for your business and then trusting Amazon Alexa to curate a playlist tailored to your preferences. This is, in some small way, what it feels like living in an AI world.

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