Making The Most Of A Computer’s Potential

July 28, 2023 | Blog

These days, we’re using computers a lot. They’re helping us with more tasks than we even realize. In fact, stats indicate that most people are spending nearly seven hours each day on a device connected to the internet. 

That’s a significant portion of our waking hours. But, there’s a chance we’re not getting the most out of our computers. It doesn’t mean we need to spend more time on them, but we could be maximizing our experience by unlocking the full potential of the device. 

What if shortcuts improved efficiency? Or, what if a customized desktop made files easier to find? There are a few simple ways to make sure we’re getting the most out of our computer’s features. Afterall, computers are supposed to make life easier, right?

Utilizing productivity tools. Search for productivity tools online and you’ll find a series of lists ranking apps and programs that people should be using. Productivity, as it turns out, extends to a number of different practices. Direct messaging apps, like Slack, keep teams connected and allow for decisions to be tracked. Project management platforms, like Asana, track the progress of projects against deadlines. And, calendar apps, like Calendly, help users avoid the seemingly never ending back-and-forth that comes with trying to align schedules. There are so many apps and platforms out there geared toward improving productivity, there’s at least one that could benefit the work you’re doing. 

Optimize computing performance. Even if your computer is working perfectly fine, for your needs, there are ways to optimize its performance so it can work even better. Start by deleting old programs and limiting the number of programs that startup automatically. Purge old files that are no longer needed and run a cleaner tool — as if you were tidying up the guest bedroom. Finally, it’s a good practice to check for viruses, and clear your browsing history and your cookies from time to time. 

Shore up security. Nothing will slow you down, or endanger your data, quicker than a virus or hack — which is why solid security measures will help you get the most out of your computer. For starters, use a firewall and keep all of your software up to date. Stay away from suspicious links, use strong passwords and make sure the antivirus program you’re using is up to date. And, as an added measure, it’s a good idea to have trusted IT support — like the team of pros at My Computer Works — within reach, just in case a question comes up or a crisis hits.

Create shortcuts. Windows and Apple products have libraries of keyboard shortcuts that unlock capabilities and allow users to create or alter documents quicker and easier. Search for the shortcuts that make the most sense for your operating system and how you use it and begin implementing them to save time and discover all that is available (like the emoji keyboard on Macs). Desktop shortcuts just keep files and apps that you frequently use within reach, allowing you to avoid digging through an applications or file menu to find what you need. 

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