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August 16, 2018 | Blog
What was once thought to be the way of the future can now be considered as obsolete. This is proven time-and-time again in the world of constant technology advancement. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and reminisce on the outdated technology we thought would never go out of style; and reasons why, if you’re still using them, to adapt.

Windows XP

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This software was released in 2001, almost 18 years ago. Not only is Windows XP old, using it can put your device and personal information at risk.
Windows has not stopped offering updates, so why have individuals chosen to stop updating? The most common answer is being familiar and comfortable using the old software. Change can be hard, but fighting it can actually make things harder for you.
Microsoft officially stopped supporting the Windows XP system in 2014. This means that these devices no longer have security patches or bug fixes. With a lot of personal data on your computer, that is the last thing that should be vulnerable to attacks and viruses.

Magnetic Stripe Bank Cards

Although this is not the oldest technology, with the accelerated speed of advancements now-a-days, there’s already something better and safer.
Magnetic Stripe Cards have been labeled outdated after the Chip and PIN system was implemented by most banks. This new way of payment allows the card to never leave the customer’s hands. It also prevents the card from being easily swiped in a copying machine. By making this small change, studies have shown fraud has been cut by 80%!

Audio Players

Things like CDs, vinyls, cassette tapes, walkmans, and more are all basically dead in the world of tech. Now that these items are known as “collectors”, it is safe to say the advancement in how we hear and record audio has forced society to adapt.
However, older vehicles are the main reason some may still be using cassettes or CDs. These people now have choices when in comes to music if their car is outdated. Now-a-days, Aux cords are attached to CDs and cassettes allowing the user to listen to a playlist off a smartphone, iPod, or MP3 player.
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Print Maps

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Technically speaking, this is not a form of technology, but it is something very significant that technology has claimed.
Paper maps are a thing of the past and there is almost no need for them with GPS being so affordable and easy to use. (Now, if there is ever an apocalypse, forget we said this).

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Some of these items may not need to be eliminated completely, but if you’re still using outdated technology, you should consider adapting.
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