Although the computer virus was already present in the 70’s, it was in the 80s that the term malware was officially adopted.

The first viruses were developed for a more than scientific purpose. They were created in order to perform invasive tests on a computer but only as laboratory tests. Little by little this became distorted and viruses began to be created for various purposes, from displaying a simple flashing message on the screen to destroying computer files.

This is where the economy of many companies was affected. The computers began to present problems, losses of information, delay in the computational processes, etc. In other words, computers could not operate at 100% capacity because a virus was affecting the computer. This resulted in companies starting to suffer financial losses due to computer viruses. To cover this need for protection against viruses, the birth of the antivirus was conceived. The viruses over the course of several years were evolving, becoming more complex, using techniques of concealment. Antivirus programs have almost always kept up with viruses trying to prevent and eliminate any type of malicious software. But unfortunately, until today there was no way to eliminate all the existing viruses in the world.

The malware now, over time, are being designed to spy, steal information, extort, blackmail and even steal money. There are people dedicated to creating malicious software just in order to make money. This has become a virtual mafia and only seeks to make a profit using any means to achieve its goal. These mafias on the Internet started a few years ago to recruit zombie machines (compromised machines that are controlled remotely by malicious users). As a result, many companies have become aware that computer security is vital in any organization. If these companies include our banking industry and are all compromised, the impact would be catastrophic. The ripple effect would be enormous and could easily ripple into a global pandemic. There is no security system that is 100% safe.

Computer viruses are a real problem that, if not prevented, can cause serious damage to the productivity of companies. Loss of data, blocked systems, unprofitable working hours, and so on. We must be vigilant and keep ourselves informed of the growing threat. If we implement appropriate security strategies, we can mitigate the risk of a malicious software infection. The most important thing in any organization is the awareness by all the people. Ransomware is our next largest threat to our economy.