Stop Email Hacks

August 22, 2017 | Blog

Email is a world wide form of communication, so happens if this source of communication was hacked? This article is going to break down what hacking an email involves, debunk many of the myths that surround the hacking community, and how to prevent and stop email hacks.

How Emails Usually Get Hacked

To begin with, many people accidentally allow the scammer or “Microsoft tech” on their computer by simply calling an unsuspected person and say that they’ve noticed some issues with their email. These “Microsoft techs” ask for their email address and then ask for their password to look into the issue. Surprisingly, 99% of email hacks happen this way.

How to Prevent Being Hacked

1. To start off, having a strong password is the first line of defense from email hacks. Passwords should include upper and lower-case letters, symbols, numbers, and try not spell out common words.
2. Not only should passwords be fairly complex, but also try not to use the same passwords for similar things. For very secure passwords that will insure safety, watch this video here.
3. Lastly, make sure not leave password lists on or close to a computer.

What To Do If Email Is Truly Hacked

Furthermore, if legitimately believed that an email hack has occurred, call a trustworthy tech support company. One of the safest tech support companies is My Computer Works. Not familiar with this company? Find out more on their website.

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