Stop Unwanted Calls with Mr.Number

July 10, 2018 | Blog

Stop Unwanted Calls

Mr. Number is an app that is meant to stop unwanted calls as well as prevent scam numbers from calling you. Most people know the frustration that comes with constant unwarranted incoming calls. The recent Neighbor Spoofing scam calls is the perfect reason to start using Mr.Number!

Get Mr. Number On Your Smartphone


No matter what brand or make your smartphone is, Mr. Number caters to you. By downloading this app from Google Play or the App Store, it makes it quick and easy to block numbers and report numbers.

Do you want to do more than just stop these numbers from reaching out to you, but anyone else as well? Check out the online portal!

How To Know If Scammers Are Calling You

To start, ask yourself if you’re constantly being called by numbers that are not saved in your phone. If that is the case, it is time to take advantage of the Mr.Number website! Once on the landing page, scroll to the bottom, and you can quickly see a cluster of numbers; these numbers are area codes.

Click on the area code that has been repeatedly calling you and start your hunt. This will then lead to finding the next three digits and so on. After the whole number has been located, there is a form to fill out regarding how many times the number has called you and what they said (if the phone was answered).

When filling this form, give as many details as possible before submitting. Mr.Number will then be able to add this number to a spam caller list if they believe the complaint is legitimate.

To take it a step further, consider filing this information with the National Do Not Call Registry and/or the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

Call My Computer Works Now


Hopefully this call was just an annoying scammer, but there is always a chance they could have received some confidential information from you while pretending to be a person of importance.

Let us help you protect your personal data!

Did we mentions we are rated A+ on the Better Business Bureau?!

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