10 Tech Gadgets on Amazon That Are Actually Useful

March 15, 2018 | Other

Don’t get me wrong, I can get lost scrolling through all of the interesting (but not so useful) products Amazon offers. If you have a better use for your time than browsing the web to shop, My Computer Works has put together a list of tech gadgets on Amazon that are actually useful!

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This article will give you a list of things you never knew you needed!

WiFi Video Doorbell

A Wi-Fi video doorbell

This product is almost a must have in the 21st century. Not only will this doorbell make life easier, it will make it a whole lot safer, too!

SkyBell HD Bronze WiFi Video Doorbell: $164.43

Live Moderating makes it easy to see if a package has been delivered when you aren’t even home! This gadget can also Hear and Speak 2-Way, which will allow a visitor to have a full conversation with you before you even get to the door. Night Vision is another feature that will allow you to see full video and capture pictures of any visitors that come after the sun goes down. If you’re still not sold on this, the WiFi Video Doorbell can send alerts to multiple people when.

Dash Camera

A dash cam

Have you ever been in your car driving and wish you were recording what was going on around you?

AuKing Dash Cam Full HD: $45.99

The camera is small and safely sticks right to the surface of your window. Every time you start your car, the camera will start recording video. Because the camera is censored, it will have saved video recordings of potential collisions, car theft, and car break ins. Your vehicle will be protected at all times!

Tech Friendly Backpack

What you carry your important technology in, is just as important as the technology inside of it!

Slim Anti Theft Computer Bag: $26.99

This backpack has a lot to offer. It is big enough to carry all of your tech gadgets, but still has a sleek look to it. The backpack is waterproof and comes with a combination lock so you’ll never have to worry about theft. Another important feature included would be the Built-In USB. You can charge your devices on the go, no matter where you are!

Bluetooth Tracker

Let’s be honest, some people go everyday looking for the things they have misplaced. This tech gadget will save you a whole lot of time searching.

nonda iHere Finder: $12.95

This small little device can be placed just about anywhere. Most popularly used on a key ring, the iHere Finder can help find keys, phones, and a car. Another feature that makes this device different form other Bluetooth trackers is its ability to also be used as a remote! It can be used as a recording device and even a selfie remote. Group pictures just got a whole lot easier!

Cozy Headphones

Do huge headphones that squeeze your head bother you? What about the little head phones that tend to fall out?

CozyPhones Sleep Headphones: $17.97

The Cozy Headphones were made to be comfortable to use anywhere. You can use them when you’re exercising, relaxing, or for your own entertainment. This is the perfect product to help you go to sleep comfortably, while blocking out outside noise.

Cellphone Stand

Laying in bed uncomfortably, while trying to hold your cellphone to watch videos, is a thing of the past!

Cell Phone Clip Holder: $17.99

Not only will this free your hands, it will reduce your neck strain. This gadget can clip on to any surface and be adjusted or altered to put your cellphone at the perfect angle. Now you’ll go to bed even later, comfortably surfing the web. You’re welcome?

Smart Notebook

If you don’t like wasting a lot of paper, or you’re sick of typing up notes you have already written to get them on a computer, this smart notebook is for you!

Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook: $26

The Rocketbook allows you to take handwritten notes, take a photo with their app, and transfer everything to your computer in seconds. All you have to do is assign every page a ‘symbol’  so your computer knows what file to add it to. The best thing about this notebook is its ability to be reused, over and over again; just microwave it!

Wine Aerator

This one is for all you winos out there! Since this can be considered as a tech gadget, it’s one you need to check out.

Eparé Pocket Wine Aerator: $25

The idea of aerated wine is meant to improve the taste. This gadget lets you choose what type of wine you are drinking: red, white, or port. The small size of the aerator is another plus, making it easy to use (and easy to sneak into a restaurant). With the pocket wine aerator, you can turn your $10 bottle into a $30 bottle!

USB Wristband

This little tech gadget will not only provide you with a USB everywhere you go, it will let you do it with style!

Bracelet Data Cables: $7.88

Specifically, this design is meant for an iPhone, but there are also designs for Androids. If you have this bracelet ion your wardrobe, you will never be without a fully charged phone ever again.

Smartphone Camera Lens

Could you imagine having a cellphone that can take professional photos?

AMIR Camera Lens Kit: $11.99

Having this Lens Kit will make you a star on social media by turning your phone camera into a high quality HD photo taking machine. Because this is a set of three, the user is able to pick between a 0.4X Super Wide Angle Lens, a 180° Fisheye Lens, and a 10X Macro Lens. All you have to do is clip it onto your smartphone!

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My Computer Works believes you can be tech savvy on a budget. These items are the things you never knew you needed. If you want to use any of the products above and aren’t sure where to begin, give us a call at 877-629-6972!

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