In a time when technology is more utilized than ever, the technological advances are proving as detrimental as they are beneficial.  Computer viruses are able to steal credit card information.  Malicious programmers are able to infect corporations’ databases and steal information from their servers.  Someone may even be able to start a war with a simple press of a button.

Credit cards, a tool once intended to make life easier, have proven untrustworthy.  Computer viruses are able to copy credit card information and forward it to their programmer.  With this information, the creator of the virus could make fraudulent purchases and wreak havoc on individuals’ finances.  As individual consumers are the most basic level of the economy, this can have a spider web effect.

If a virus infects the computers of a major corporation, it can be detrimental to the company’s finances and, depending on the nature of the company, the impact can be widespread.  The cost of cleansing the database of the virus alone would be substantial.  Then there is the labor lost for the duration of the virus to take into account.  It would require a hefty sum to put the company in working order again.

Several decades ago, there was a scare in which approximately 2000 missiles were detected approaching the United States.  The U.S. military would have had no choice but to deploy their own missiles to intercept the perceived threat to the nation’s safety.  Had this occurred, the world would be in a miserable state today, unfit for habitation.  The detected missiles were proven to be a computer error.

The internet has not been available to the public for very long.  Indeed, in the history of the world, it has only been in existence for a single blink.  Yet in its short lifespan, it has caused more damage to the economy than any would have thought possible.  Digital currency is easily stolen.  Companies have had to shut down production.  Wars have threatened to emerge solely from a computer error.  Life was much simpler prior to the introduction of the internet.