The Benefits Of An IT Partner Offering Business Computer Services

February 24, 2023 | Blog

Business owners are in business, ultimately, to make a return. Whether a business is born from a passion, offers a much-needed service or sells a valuable product, that company’s leadership is usually focused on growth and revenue.


The one thing business leaders shouldn’t have to be distracted by is IT issues. It’s why companies like My Computer Works exist. We handle the worry, we handle the repairs, we handle the technical support — so business owners don’t have to. 


It just makes sense, because it’s nearly impossible to be an expert at everything. 


As technology continues to evolve, and workplaces continue to be reshaped and extended into new venues — thanks to a rise in remote work — it’s important that business owners recognize the importance of having reliable, IT support available to service whatever needs may arise.


Because when problems present themselves, they are most often urgent. And they’re the most urgent to the people experiencing them. At My Computer Works, we understand. 


Business leaders and business owners can face any number of technical problems when it comes to their technology, but a few common issues rise to the top. They include: 


  • Insufficient cyber security measures
  • A missing or minimal plan for data backup and disaster recovery
  • Hardware and software challenges
  • An absence of an IT strategy
  • Endpoint vulnerabilities
  • Regulating employee data access
  • Understanding and managing the cloud


Within each of these common IT challenges lies an abundance of other issues specific to an industry, such as the possibility of compromised data or poor connectivity or sluggish systems across remote networks. And, of course, there’s always the age-old, infuriating favorite of the printer that just won’t connect the way it should. 


At My Computer Works, your IT problem is our priority as part of our portfolio of business computer services. And having an outside partner to support the IT needs of your company has its benefits. Some of those include:


No need for benefits. As an outside IT support partner, we don’t require benefits the way a staff employee would, which could present a cost savings.


We always work. Our team of experts are available every day of the year, except on holidays, which means there won’t be any absence of support due to vacation or sick time. We’re (almost) always here.


We’re here early and late. Our experienced IT professionals are available to tackle the technology challenges your business is facing at any hour of the day. We know that problems don’t only work corporate hours.


We like to be quick. At My Computer Works, we pride ourselves on offering clients a five-minute response time. Problems don’t wait, and we think solutions shouldn’t either.


Unmatched experience. We’ve tackled more than 1,000,000 IT problems for businesses and individuals, which means we’ve seen quite a bit over our two decades of work. The collective knowledge and experience of our team of professionals is at your disposal, every day.


Contact us to learn more about how our computer experts can offer you ongoing support for any issues you’re experiencing!


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