“How you think computer viruses can impact our economy”

As we have known that computer viruses are one of the biggest problems that affecting consumers, businesses financially and economically. The intention of computer viruses is to destroy the data and to damage the computer system of companies. As a result, they will lose all the important information that stored in the computer and it will also make that companies or businesses more “susceptible” to hacker and other cyber-attacks. In addition, computer viruses seem to make the businesses falling by having the companies to spend extra cost and revenue to analyze, to repair and to clean the infected system. Unfortunately, this is why many businesses or companies’ productivity decreasing tremendously, and it will affect the reputation of that companies or businesses as well. If all the businesses are being destroyed or affected by computer viruses, it can create a negative impact on the personal level to the national level economically. However, “nothing is impossible”, with the advancement of modern technology, we have many certified cyber-securities are on the guard for spyware, malware, computer virus, and other threats. The solution for this is each person, business or company should install a proper antivirus software to minimize the risk of getting hacked or attacked from the third parties. The other advantage of antivirus software is the “back-up program” to allow ensure the information or data is securely stored for emergency situation. In conclusion, each individual, businesses or company must be aware about the external attack of computer viruses by planning ahead and creating an effective strategy to combat the issue of computer viruses invasion.