Tips For Organizing Your Digital Life In 2018

November 30, 2018 | Windows Computer

Do you want to start fresh in 2019? Well with the end of the year approaching, it is time you sit down and focus on organizing your digital life. We won’t pretend that this will be the easiest task you will ever take on, but it will be well worth it in the end.

Uninstall ALL Software You Don’t Need

This may seem obvious, but once you start looking, you’ll be surprised by all the software you’ve downloaded that you straight up don’t use.

Start by combing through all apps on every device you own; smartphone, laptop, and desktop. Not only will this declutter your digital space, but it will also clear up storage. Now, you’ll have more valuable storage space and a device that runs much faster.

Clean Off That Desktop

Do you have a desktop covered in with random files? Be harsh with these and drag as many of these files as you can into the trash bin. Don’t forget to then delete the contents of the trash so these files no longer clutter your device. Any files that remain need to be neatly organized and condensed with other similar files, or however you’d like them to be sorted.

Another helpful organization tip is to remove that colorful and very detailed picture that is your desktop’s wallpaper. Seriously, change it to a solid background, preferably a grey or black. This will help your files not get lost in your wallpaper as well as hold you accountable for the cleanliness of your desktop.

Limit Open Tabs

This is an easy one. Tabs are the different browser windows you have open at one time. If you aren’t using a certain window, or going back and forth between them all, exit them out! This could also be a reason your device is running so slow. When you have several tabs open, your device is working hard to update them; even if you’re not using it.

Clear Out Your Inbox

Your email is a big part of your digital life, so it is probably an important to keep it neat and tidy. Most people are guilty of keeping thousands of read or unread emails in their inbox.

To make it easy, you can group emails together, select all, and remove those emails all at once. Start bulk deleting these emails that have been occupying your inbox. If you’re really confident and sick of all the emails in your inbox you are able to select all emails and hit the delete button. Depending on the size of your inbox, this may take some time.

Clean Up Your Web Browser

This will be a quick and easy task to organizing your digital life. For whatever browser you use, you’ll want to delete those things called “cookies”. Whether it is Chrome or Internet Explorer, deleting cookies will hopefully speed up your device while browsing the web.

If your browsers are saving old information like site preferences, logins, browsing/search history and you want to start fresh, clear your history. To take it a step further, you can also clear the autofill feature on any browser.


Unlike some of the other tasks, this one will take some time, but it will take away so much clutter in your digital life. Specifically, go through all those promotional emails, scroll to the bottom of the message, and find the ‘unsubscribe’ button. Usually you’ll need to confirm this action, but it is different for every company.

Turn OFF Notifications

If you’re feeling lazy and are not ready to unsubscribe from spam emails, sales calls, or spam texts, you may want to consider just turning off your notifications.

This can be done on any of your digital devices–computers, tablets, and smartphones. This way you will not get the constant reminder of emails or messages you don’t care about. Doing this will also make your notification centers clean and uncluttered.

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