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August 2, 2018 | Blog

There are many different ways you can keep track of your smartphone. Apps, products, and even software installed on your phone allow you to know its whereabouts at all times. Tracking a lost smartphone (or preventing yourself from losing it), is very quick and easy now-a-days.

My Computer Works has created a list of ways you can either prevent yourself from losing a cellphone, or find it after it has been lost/stolen.

TrackR Pixel


This little tech gadget is genius for those of you who misplace your phone often. All you need to do is stick it to your phone case and test its blue tooth using a computer or other digital device. Download the app to a digital device without the tracker and you’ll never lose your phone again. Using the app, you’ll also be able to turn on the trackers bright light and/or set off a loud ringing noise!

Find My Friends


Although your phone has to be on for this app to work, it is very beneficial when trying to recover a lost smartphone. This is a location sharing software that makes it easy to track where your smartphone is, even if you’re not with it. When using this app, you can share your location with whoever you wish, but don’t worry; you are the only one who has access to who can see your location. If a cell is lost or stolen, simply log onto your account via digital device and find it. Another option is to contact a friend who you share your location with, and ask them to use Find My Friends to locate your phones whereabouts.

iOS Find My iPhone

The name of this software is deceiving because this app does more than just find your iPhone. The main goal is to find a lost device, but Find My iPhone can also prevent theft. The Activation Lock feature on this app allows you to have full remote control over your phone by using another digital device; all you need to know is your Apple ID and password. You can remotely add a custom message to your lock screen and even clear your device of sensitive data. Not only can you locate your device, you’ll be able to make it extremely tough for a thief to sell or steal your phone.

Android Ceberus Anti Theft

A lot of apps dedicated to finding your stolen or lost phone are available, but Ceberus has so many features that make it the obvious choice. The app includes a location tracker but it also allows you to control your phone remotely from any device. You’ll be able to wipe your phone of sensitive information, set off loud alarms, back up your data, and more! Ceberus even allows you to access your camera and take a front facing photo of the thief, if the phone was stolen.

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